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    who will the spotlight hit in the new normal

    I hesitate to post as it may appear disingenuous and unhelpful. Reading the accumulated posts and data only lends weight to the thought that the new LI release is a recondite subject of which we mere players strain to grasp.
    What appears to be evident is that there is a 'reset' on crit damage/magnitude which would therefore presumably nerf the current strongest DPSers the most. We all know that the upshot of this ( haha...no pun intended) is that the main beam of the spotlight may fall on some new targets. These may be new classes or just different traitlines. However , what seems to me to be beyond doubt is that players with 1 or 2 alts may lose out in the short term if the 'nerfbat' ( i was thinking 'nerf gatlinggun' ) happens to impact them hard. On the other hand , players with 6 alts or more will simply play the new star of the show from their suite of players until such time as they are 'nerfed' or other classes are fixed.
    Can SSG transition to the new LI without seriously annoying a given percentage of their playerbase ? The new structure appears be remarkably more flexible and adaptable than that which it replaces. SSG appear to be launching with 'LI light' or 'looks like the old system but watch what happens next'. In the meantime should players hold their nerve and trust that SSG will be paddling furiously beneath the water to rebalance roles , or blow a main fuse ?
    Personally I am driven to be uncharacteristically optimistic given my advancing years. I think SSG have to get this 'mainly right' on balance , they have to , because perhaps the consequences of not doing so are to stop aiming the barrel at their left foot and instead point it at their temple.
    So keep going to all those people working away at SSG....thanks for what you've done so far , and please try to avoid the temptation for 'grind plus plus'.
    If a new class comes out of this as the new star of the ball due to the law of unintended consequences , is that so bad ? Every class deserves their 15mins of fame.

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    SSG is shaking the table.

    It'll take a while before the table is setup again.

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    We may not fully know the impact of the new system until after Fate of Gundabad is released and people are at the new lvl cap.
    Ughh...another one of those mad, hungry hobbits with a sword...

    Mydiel Pineapple 130 LM The Pirate Alliance Landroval



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