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    Cannot subscribe as this does not work reasonably....

    I am currently trying to reactivate my VIP account and am failing miserably to pay.

    Since they said they no longer offer direct debit, which I always consider the best solution for me, I do not use and own credit cards, remain only shameful systems of Amazon and Paypal.

    So I use these structures now, although I do not even want to use them anymore and may support these corporations.
    But what else can I do but completely put the game aside?

    So I try to pay via Paypal.
    I am sent to a login page of Paypal, which is not displayed to me properly, but everything is so huge that I can enter except for my mail address somehow still totally off track, but then do not get anywhere.
    Move or somehow display this page reasonably does not work.
    I can only cancel the payment.

    Then I try it with AmazonPay and am sent again to a page that is again apparently too large and I see only a black area and again I can not change anything about this situation, because no means work to get the page readable, or maybe there is nothing at all... what I see is just a black piece of an area and end.

    So I can't become a VIP anymore... great....

    Is this problem known and how do I change this?
    Oh and offers please again direct debit, or at least Giropay, or anything where you do not need a third party, especially then also such providers, which now truly no longer have a good reputation and rightly so.

    Thank you

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    I have been grudgingly using PayPal for years with LOTRO and never had any problems.

    Just gave it a try today though and indeed, after providing your email in the weirdly displayed PayPal pop-up window, I'm stuck in the infinite loop of security check.
    The only option is to close that window and go back to the store. Paypal works as usual when logging in the browser.

    Guess a bug report is needed here.
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    It's the weekend and I can't play this game, at least not the VIP servers, which is where I want to go to experience a bit of entitlement in the game world.

    So I'm going to play Everquest 2 and pay my subscription, which is also just since yesterday 8:42 am expired and I wanted to switch to LOTRO times again, just now with Treebeard server.

    It just sucks...
    There is not even any feedback from the service providers.
    No oh sorry, it's our turn, or an explanation or other beep.
    Shouldn't something like this have priority, to enable people to do exactly what it was made for?

    If I pay EQ2 now, then I don't pay here, or do I just play a little offline PoE2 single player and give people the chance .. but how long will it take?
    2 days? 4 days .. 4 months?

    At least say something ...
    And please think about direct debit or giropay .. Build in sensible payment methods again, please ...

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    I bugged it but as it's a third-party problem, they just advised me to file a ticket with Xsolla. I did that yesterday and am waiting for response.

    They will probably tell me to contact Paypal We'll see.
    Roaming Gladden since 2013

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    Yes I also believe it is a Xsolla Problem. The first Windows (?) Window tha Xsolla opens was always buggy (resizing itself - wrong proportions - wrone resolution) but I could pay with Amazon.

    The Situation now is that some people can pay and others cant.

    To talk directly with XSolla is not acceptable for me - SSG is working with them - they want my money - SSG has to fix the problem !

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    so i want to buy points but paypal dont works for me. same problem here. SSG if you want my money then fix it ohterwise forget it. i mean paypal works on any site flawless that have it.

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    I have already posted in another Thread but because it is also related to this I quote it also here

    "I wrote a Ticket via SSG Website and the answer is "please contact Xsolla" - what I definitifly will dot do. Xsolla is SSG sub-contracter if there are problems SSG has to solve. If they wont/cant - not my problem.

    I do REALLY like the game and have a LOT of fun - but if SSG dont want my money it is not my problem ...

    Sorry SSG !"
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    I'm still waiting for Xsolla to respond, only got two auto generated messages from them saying they'll contact me soon.

    Not actually planning on subscribing but am curious why such a serious bug occurs (and why it's not fixed yet).
    Roaming Gladden since 2013

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    UPDATE: so, Xsolla finally responded:
    "To resolve it, please clear your cache and cookies from your browser. Then please log out and log back in to allow the page to refresh. If this does not solve the issue, please try another browser such as Opera, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer or Firefox. Also, please make sure the pop-up windows are allowed and that there are no plugins that may block the page (Adblock, anti-virus)."

    As you can imagine it didn't help. Sent them some screenshots, waiting for reply
    Roaming Gladden since 2013

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    I contacted support in-game.

    Unfortunately, this doesn't seem to be a big issue for SSG.

    I described the problem and only got the message, we can't do anything about it. A link to Xsolla with the reference to try it there.

    Ticket closed... I have opened another and SSG explained that this thing can not be passed on to the players, but I got again only the explanation that they can not do anything for privacy reasons and the reference to Xsolla ... One has my request but mediated to the appropriate place... so one wants to hope.

    SSG seems to move here no centimeter.

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    I can only repeat my position at this point - Xsolla is sub-contracter of SSG and SSG has to care and to solve the problems.

    I guess they underastime how many Customers have problems with payments at the moment and don't care because they believe to problem occours only to a few of us.

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    I will keep talking to Xsolla and keep you updated simply as an experiment to see just how long it can take to buy something in LOTRO

    And once it's resolved, I shall not buy anything. There's nothing "secret" or privacy breaking in my conversation with support so I think I can share at least some of the info with other players.
    Roaming Gladden since 2013

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    In the meantime I have got an Account at n26.com which offers a free of charge mastercard and tried to buy something on Lotro.

    Did not work - they accepted the money first but then returned it immediately. I have no idea which problems Xsolla has.

    From my point of view SSG should exchange them to another Sub-Contracter so we again can buy Expansions/Points/VIP

    I have so much fun in the game and then such problems .... :-(

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    Same problem here.... no help... from no one. I guess they don't want my money
    Ich weiß, dass ich nichts weiß , Sokrates

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    @Hobbybauer: I had a similar problem and I found no solution but a workaround for me:

    - set option in the launcher: "32bit, old client"
    - start the game
    - open the shop, choose open shop in external window
    - make subscription with Paypal, payment now opens a new window of your default browser and all looks normal and works fine
    - after payment log off and set option in launcher: "64bit" ... and play the game

    Like I said, it worked for me, but perhaps worth a try.


    P.S.: Falls mein englisches Geschreibse unverständlich sein sollte, kann ich das auf Nachfrage gern nochmal auf Deutsch schreiben.
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    That's how it worked.

    I am a VIP again

    Thank you.

    Now I just have to find someone who plays with me there together haha.

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    In my case changing to the 32-bit Client did

    NOT SOLVE the problem

    so it looks like for me as if there is more than one problem that has to be fixed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nekroman1 View Post
    In my case changing to the 32-bit Client did

    NOT SOLVE the problem

    so it looks like for me as if there is more than one problem that has to be fixed.
    Yes, of course, that was only a stopgap solution, which worked for me in the end only because the whole thing is then not handled via this popping up new window, but when switching to the 32 old client, it is simply sent directly via the browser and via link.

    So it's just opening the default browser automatically and using a link and the HP to make the payment.

    Try for a short moment to change the default browser in advance and then in the game at the query to handle it via the HP when paying you confirm that.
    Maybe the change of the browser then first brings the solution.
    Before again in the launcher to switch to 32Bit old client.

    Nevertheless, I see it as a stopgap solution and still see a system that does not allow players to pay properly.
    And then these are still payment systems that I generally do not want to use, because these corporations are not okay and better not be supported.

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    Chainging the default browser did also NOT help in my case. I still believe it is more than one bug in the game-shopwindow connection.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nekroman1 View Post
    Chainging the default browser did also NOT help in my case. I still believe it is more than one bug in the game-shopwindow connection.
    I got the same Problem, and also tryed to change the Client to 32bit without any success. Opend a Ticked at SSG yesterday evening and waiting for Response.
    If they respond with a resolution i´ll let you know.



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