Update 20: Battle of the Black Gate Soundtrack - The Lord of the Rings Online

Track Listing:

1. A Land in Ruin
2. Sorrows of the Past
3. Unending Evil
4. The Lonely Wastes
5. Mordor Triumphant
6. Shadow of the Dark Lord
7. The Black Gate
8. Pursuing the Enemy
9. No Other Way
10. Uneven Odds
11. Oppressive Darkness

Tracks 1,2,3,6,7,9,10,11 Composed by Bill Champagne (@BillChampMusic on Twitter)
Tracks 4,5,8 Composed by Matthew Hardwood
Track 6 includes a compositional appearance of a theme composed by Chance Thomas, Sauron theme
Track 9 includes a compositional appearance from several Chance Thomas themes, including: Far Ahead the Road Has Gone, Hills of the Shire, and the Tom Bombadil theme.

Notes: In preparation for bringing The Wastes to the Legendary Worlds in 2021, Standing Stone Games composer Bill Champagne re-recorded some of his earliest compositional work for the game using higher quality samples and additional years of experience. Some of these tracks were composed by Matthew Harwood, and have not been touched.