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    Lightbulb Ranger of the North/Arnor Housing Items Request (with pictures!)

    Hey all!

    I've always really loved what LoTRO has done to flesh out the Rangers and Arnor, and really gave life to a lot of wonderful ranger characters. However, I feel like there's a very distinct lack of Arnor/Ranger items for housing, and I'd love to see some implemented with stuff already in the game! Yes, we did just get some items from the Wildwood update, but those were Arnorian tombs, which...aren't exactly what I want in my nice home. We have some huge housing items, a dais, archways and ruins, etc. But I'd love to see more things that go inside the house than outside. Here are some ideas for things that I've taken screenshots of in game and compiled here for visuals.

    Floors: I would love to have a lot of the floors you see in Annumínas, but especially that blue tile floor with the yellow stars!

    Walls: These walls I took screenshots of are from Evendim (the crumbling bricks and the more busy one is from Evendim/Tinnudir) and the other is I believe near Archet in some ruins. I really like these options- nice and simple yet with an intricate stonework on some. I just like white stone!

    History of the Dúnedain Ranger Items: I've always really loved this deed you can do in Bree. Why not have some of these items be housing items? (Second half is in the post below!)

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    Housing Items: Part II

    Since I can't post them all in one post, here's the second half so I can include a couple more pictures.

    History of the Dunedain (continued):
    Part 2 from above- some of the other items in this deed as well as a unique carved relief found in Esteldín and a tapestry you can find around Middle-earth. Gotta love those seven stars.

    Evendim/Annumínas items: I'd love a collection of items from the city itself. I really love the beauty of this area and think having a stand alone willow tree (very similar to the crepe myrtle tree from North Ithilien herbalist vendor) with the white blossoms that line Men Erain would be incredible. The Colossus and the other statues that are in Annumínas are also great (probably outdoor items, or smaller indoor statues?) I wouldn't mind seeing these updated to match how the statues in MT look. considering both cities were built at the same time in the lore, it would make sense that it should be updated now that the technology has improved in game. I also really like the willow tree planters inside Haudh Valandil- having one inside a house would look great.

    Other housing items:
    • Food Storage- shelves of dried meats, foods, etc
    • Laden tables (like Beorns) OR
    • Tables with item slots-desperately needed for all the food items from Midsummer!
    • tables with their own chair slots
    • Wooden tub - both for bathing and laundry
    • Laundry lines outdoor item
    • Fences (though not sure how to implement)
    • Ability to craft flower fields (like wheat/pipeweed field) sunflowers, iris, etc items
    • Stained glass windows (like in Haudh Valandil)- ability to change color too.
    • Ability to put outdoor items indoors (ex: Gondor bench indoors).
    • Fishing items- nets, drying racks, smokehouse, etc.

    I'm sure there's more I can edit in, but I'm away from home and forgot to bring my list of ideas. Housing hooks everyone wants so no need to put it twice--I want my home to be well lived in and rp it a bit!

    And last but not least: Evendim Housing.

    Yes, I understand why people would be against it rather than for it. We already have a water based Gondorian housing area. But Evendim did come first, and that area lifts the building aesthetic heavily from it! It could be another Hytbold situation where you help clean up and make part of the city safe when reclaiming it. The houses could've been long abandoned in the hillside overlooking the city and lake, or maybe on the Western shore outside the gate. Maybe Gwindeth raises up part of the city/lowers the water and reveals a previously hidden area. I don't care what excuses have to be made up to get it lore friendly. I just love this area and always want to be in it!

    Thanks for reading! I'm sure I'll edit this with any other ideas I come up with/remember : )

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    Awesome ideas! I love that you took pictures for examples!
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    The anor king statue with is being at LOTRO for many years already. You can get is at Tinudir, Evendim. Another fancier version is at LOTRO store & i don't recall if also at some the Gondorian cities.

    The anorian tombs already got added too but more recently. It can be acquired at Traders Warf, Wildwood.

    The stary tiles are part of Gondorian houses default ceiling surface, but many people wish that the got able to customize it. I like that ceiling just as it is but i think will be a great idea. The default wall texture of Gondorian houses, also have that texture but the background cant be painted, only the stars. I think that the devs should add a identical alternate version where you can paint the background instead the stars.

    There are varied willow trees at LOTRO already, small ones at aniversary (happy) & instance drop (angry) & a big 1 at LOTRO store.

    Ornaments with the brand of the 7 stars & the white tree are already on all Gondorian style decorations.

    I like that tapestry, i think there is something similar on the book reward tapestry of the king. Must check it out.

    I love that carving of Utumo raising the city above the waters! I don't know how i never noticed that 1 before. Will love to have it as a stand alone house deco (not part of a tomb). Where is that 1 located?

    Plain stone blocks are part of several wallpapers & floor textures already. The most flat looking is the Gondorian default wallpaper without paint. Now the added intrincate patterns i find interesting, specially the stone arches & mozaic of varied stone kinds, specially the flowered patterns.

    I am not a fan of obelisks.



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