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    For me this 5 minute duration is one of the most annoying aspects about playing a captain currently, but not far behind that is blade brother/heralds. I feel like I almost have to recast blade brother just as much as motivating speech because the herald is unsummoned for whatever plethora of reasons, or gets lost or stuck somewhere, or whatever the case may be. It's starting to feel like half the time I spend playing on captain is just activating those two buffs. Even though Captain is my favorite class in the game, it really does feel like a breath of fresh air sometimes playing on another character just because I'm not constantly needing to rebuff every few minutes. When you add those together with Captain's rather sluggish animations, it's not hard to see why some people find them clunky to play.

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    Ok, this Motivating Speech duration nerf has got to go. It was better as a toggle, but if the devs want to stick Captains with the need to refresh it every so often, then they need to make it a 30min or 60 min duration buff. I can live with it being set back to a toggle or a duration buff that last longer than 5min. Sorry, but 5min for a duration buff simply makes Motivating Speech completely useless in any and every setting and it turns Captains into what Vanilla WoW Rets were... buffbots.

    With the changes to Telling Mark... I can see where the devs are coming from with that one, but with Motivating Speech... sorry, but they need to make it a 30-60 min duration buff.

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    Any update on this?

    Just wondering if there was a update on this?

    I don't plan on playing my Captain until they fix this, either by reverting the change or make the duration longer.

    Playing Captain on landscape is unbearable with this 5 min duration

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    well yes, the 5min duration is still there.

    I heard some ''rumors'' that there might be more changes onto motivation speech coming through, but cant confirm anything nor am even sure if this is true at all.

    Please leave me in my eternal slumber


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