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    Which npc voice line says “the sorrows of the Eldar are never ending”

    Miss the voice but after searching all the way across the map I still can’t find it

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ansury View Post
    Miss the voice but after searching all the way across the map I still can’t find it
    I’m sure it’s an elf at Celondim or Duillond - perhaps Cardavor, who starts off the eleven prologue?
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    It's one of the brothers, where one of them wants to leave and one wants to stay. The quest line where you give him the poem about Amroth and Nimrodel.

    I thiiiiiink it's the one in Duillond but it might be the other one. There's a lot of back and forth for that quest.

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    I'm sure there are many other sad elves all over Middle-earth that have that voice-over too, but I just confirmed that Cardavor indeed is one of them. I started the elf prologue (Eilian at Celondim), and Cardavor became clickable. The voice file is vo_npc_elf_male_char02_generic _sadv4_02_english. It's funny, I remembered that line from the female voice-over because it's so hilariously exaggerated, but I didn't remember male elves had the same line too.



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