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    Filter items from 'select nearest item'

    Right now we have filter lists for loot, quests and noisy emotes.
    It would be nice to have this list extended with landscape objects that we can select with 'Select nearest item' (default key delete).

    It's highly annoying when I'm looking for quest items in the middle of scholar materials I can't do anything with.

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    Use the 'select next item' bind instead of nearest. Way more handy thing. While nearest sticks to a single closest one, next allows you to rotate among everything around within your longest skill+3m range. In practice thats around 43m for on-foot huners/wardens and over 50m for most classes warsteed-mounted. Personally i have all 'next' keybinds (item, enemy, player, npc) and 'use selection' assigned to the keys within proximity of movement WASD - like Z, X, C, V, B - which makes target selection on-the-go an extremely easy task.

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    Well said, AMl6rp24e57. Better than how I was going to say it. The only thing I would add is that that AMFerro_Laurelin offers a great suggestion that should be implemented despite the workaround.

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    Thanks for the suggestion of using next instead of nearest, I will give it a try.

    That being said, the suggested filter could apply to next/previous as well.



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