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    Guide: Play Lotro For Free

    I originally posted this guide on steam, but I figure some may not use steam. I will try to update this here regularly, but I update it on steam most often. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfil...?id=2306557722

    This is what I have found to work well for me playing lotro on a budget.

    Starting Out
    Standing Stone Games (SSG) instead of Turbine now has control of the game. Turbine Points (TP) are no longer valid, since Lotro Points (LP) are now used to make purchases from the in-game store.

    At this time (December 2, 2020), I have 15 active characters on the account and played almost entirely for free except for going vip for a month. I went vip using money on this steam account and I believe the cost was $15. If you enjoy the content and story, completing deeds on 10 or more characters can be like watching your favorite movie over and over. I do not know if you will like the game, but if you do, playing almost entirely for free is a viable strategy. I have unlocked all expansions and quest packs, so it is possible.

    Starting in March 2017, I played for free for 14 months, then went vip, and logged into all characters on the account to make them all premium. How I did that is below:

    All accounts start with two character slots. I made two characters, completed deeds in the four free zones: the Shire, Ered Luin, Bree-land, and Lonelands. To generate more Lotro Points (LP) for use in the in-game point store, I believe the goal is to complete all quests/deeds for the zone (landscape), instances, and character class.

    Managing your chat channels can be made easier if you add extra chat tabs, then adjust the filters. So, the default chat tabs all characters start with are general, combat, and ims. With all the filters in general, communication can be a challenge if you want to be able to hold a conversation. For that reason, I create new chat tabs and rename them, then adjust the filters. These are the chat tab and filters I suggest to help manage your chat:

    General: standard, regional, quest, loot (self), leaderboard, event broadcast, error, combat event, advancement
    World: world
    Quest Say: user chat 1-8, standard, say, regional, rp, ooc, loot (fellow), leaderboard, event broadcast, error, emote
    Fellowship: tell, raid, fellowship
    Kinship: officer, kinship
    LFF: LFF
    Trade: trade

    When a blue asterisk appears next to a chat tab, new chat content is there, so click on each tab.

    New Content
    Once you have enough LP to unlock new content, probably the first content you should unlock will be the low-level questing areas (zones) like North Downs, Evendim, Trollshaws, Misty Mountains, Angmar, Forchel, Eregion, Lothlorien, Great River, Wildermore, etc., then complete deeds in those low-level zones to be able to afford unlocking higher-level content, like Expansion Quests: Moria, Expansion Quests: Mirkwood, Expansion Quests: Rohan, Isengard, Helms Deep, Mordor, Minas Morgul, etc.

    Crafting Guild Access
    Also, crafting guild access becomes important for Dunland, Mirkwood, and Isengard (level 65 content), due to the ability to craft Legendary Item (LI) in the form of weapon and class slot LI for level 65, 75, 85, 95, and 100. Prior to level 65, the decade-level gear (level 20, 30, 40, etc.) can be crafted with 100 percent crit rate, but are limited by cooldown timers so proper planning is required to get a full set of level 40 armor using crafting guild recipes.

    In order to craft my own gear (armor, weapons, jewelry, trail food, lore papers, hope tokens, class slot items, and legendary items) for all my characters, a lot of gathering of crafting materials must occur. So, each new character I make learns a crafting vocation (armourer, armsman, explorer, historian, tinker, woodsman, and yeoman).

    Gathering Crafting Materials
    To gather all those crafting materials, all my characters always have an active gathering skill (track mines, track wood, track artifacts, track crops); also, hides for forestry can be harvested by characters defeating beasts. Burglar class has a track treasure skill for supply chests, backpacks, corpses, etc., which can also have crafting materials.

    Hunters can track specific mob types: foes, nature, shadow. Passage of Nature (granted at hunter level 10) tracks beasts and other natural creatures. Passage of Foes (granted at hunter level 22) tracks orcs, trolls, giants, and evil men or dwarves. Passage of Shadow (granted at hunter level 32) tracks dead, the unseen, and ancient evil.

    Due to some issues travelling around the different zones quickly, a hunter is probably the best class for gathering crafting materials for your other crafting alts. Some reasons for that are as follows:
    Hunter skill called Find the Path (granted at hunter level 12) increases movement speed of your hunter and nearby allies. Huntsman (blue spec hunter) class trait called Pathfinder (granted at 10 ranks in other traits in Huntsman branch/spec) increases Find the Path movement speed buff.
    Hunter skill called Return to Camp (granted at hunter level 26) recalls fellowship to a camp site fire.
    Hunter skills called 'Guide to ...' (Guide to Michel Delving, Guide to Thorin's Hall, Guide to Ost Guruth, Guide to Bree, etc.) recalls fellowship to Michel Delving in the shire, Thorin's Hall in Ered Luin, Ost Guruth in the lone-lands, Bree in Bree-land, etc.

    So, I recommend making your first character (main character) a hunter with the crafting vocation explorer, so your main can gather leather, ore, and wood for your crafting alts. Explorer crafting vocation grants tailor, forester, and prospector.

    Crafting Basics
    Tailor can craft cloaks, light armor, medium armor, burglar tools (conviction, guile, strength, and tactics), captain armaments, and rune-keeper rune-satchels (of dagar, of nestad, and of thalas). Legendary Items (LI) tailor can craft are fate relic (crafted rune), burglar tool (class slot), light/medium/heavy (warsteed) bridles, and rune-keeper rune-satchel (class slot).

    For scholar mats, your second character should be a minstrel with crafting vocation historian. Historian crafting vocation grants scholar, farmer, and weaponsmith.

    Scholar can craft battle lore papers (buff physical and tactical mastery rating), warding lore papers (buff physical and tactical mitigation), crafting journals, dye, paint, healing/power potions, crafting lore, pocket items, captain tonics, champion potions, hunter books (whisper-draw and wind-rider), hunter bow chants (breach-finder, foe-finder, and shield-bane), hunter potions, hunter/warden oils (fire/light), lore-master books, lore-master parables, minstrel sheet music, and rune-keeper rune-tools. Legendary Items (LI) scholar can craft are power relic (crafted rune), minstrel songbook (class slot) and lore-master book (class slot).

    For making jewelry, trail food, and hope tokens, your third character should take crafting vocation tinker. Tinker crafting vocation grants jeweller, prospector, and cook.

    Jeweller can craft gemstones, jewelry, hope tokens, champion runes (striking and vanquishing), lore-master brooch (rage and regrowth), lore-master talisman (pets like raven, bear, lynx, sabre-cat, bog-guardian, eagle, etc.), and rune-keeper (weapon) rune-stone (flint, icy, and obsidian). Legendary Items (LI) jeweller can craft are will relic (crafted rune), rune-keeper weapon and champion rune (class slot).

    Woodworker can craft melee weapons (club, hammer, spear, staff), ranged weapons (bow, crossbow, javelin), fishing rod, captain crests, champion horn, minstrel instruments (cowbell, lute, theorbo, drum, flute, harp, etc.), rune-keeper parchments, and warden (class slot) carvings (fist, shield, spear). Legendary Items (LI) woodworker can craft are agility relic (crafted rune), beorning carving (class slot), beorning weapon (club, 2-hand club, spear), burglar weapon (club), captain weapon (club, 2-hand club, hammer, 2-hand hammer, spear), champion weapon (club, hammer, 2-hand hammer, spear), guardian weapon (club, 2-hand club, hammer, 2-hand hammer, spear), hunter (ranged dps) weapon (bow, crossbow), hunter (main-hand melee) weapon (club, hammer, spear), lore-master weapon (staff), minstrel weapon (club), warden (main-hand melee dps) weapon (club, hammer, spear), and warden (ranged) weapon (javelin).

    Weaponsmith can craft melee weapons (axe, dagger, sword, mace), decorations, repair station, burglar (ranged) throwing weapons, burglar tricks (caltrops, marbles), and guardian/warden shield spikes. Legendary Items (LI) weaponsmith can craft are vitality relic (crafted rune), beorning (axe, dagger, 2-hand axe), burglar weapon (dagger, mace, sword), captain weapon (axe, 2-hand axe, dagger, halbard, mace, sword, 2-hand sword), champion weapon (axe, 2-hand axe, dagger, mace, sword, 2-hand sword), guardian weapon (axe, 2-hand axe, dagger, mace, sword, 2-hand sword), hunter (main-hand melee) weapon (axe, dagger, mace, sword), minstrel weapon (dagger, mace, sword), and warden (main-hand melee dps) weapon (axe, dagger, mace, sword).

    Metalsmith can craft crafting tools, heavy armor, shields, and rune-keeper (ranged slot) chisel/riffler. Legendary Items (LI) metalsmith can craft are might relic (crafted rune), guardian belt (class slot), and captain emblem (class slot).

    Cook can craft trail food (stat buffs), cooked food (regen buff and remove: disease, fear, poison, wound), fortifying food (resist buffs: disease, poison, wound), campfire kit, and lore-master pet food. Legendary Items (LI) cook can craft are morale relic (crafted rune) and essences (enhances slotted armor).

    Reputation with crafting guild access beyond expert-reputation must be unlocked with LP. Once I gained enough reputation in the crafting guild (expert crafting guild reputation level), better quality and higher level crafting guild recipes become available to make some of the best gear and legendary items (LI) in the form of weapons and class slot LI.

    Goals Moving Forward
    Completing all quests and deeds, also in instances and class quests and deeds is the goal here; do all those quests and deeds to generate more Lotro Points (LP) and use the LP in the in-game store to unlock more quest packs, expansions, region packs, expansion quests, and (crafting) guild access.

    Hitting The Pay Wall
    While playing for free, access to many things are quite limited, so it became necessary to spend some lotro points on a few things from the in-game store with lotro points (LP).

    Unless these items are on sale, the prices below are what you will pay:
    Riding Skill (95 LP)
    Currency Cap (395 LP)
    Auction House: +5 Slots (95 LP)
    Bonus Character Slot (595 LP)

    Note that while some things are account-wide unlocks, like the currency cap, auction house slots, and quest packs; some other store purchases are not, like riding skill.

    Legendary Item Use - Preparation
    So, you decided to do some content in the Trollshaws, the Misty Mountains, Angmar, and Eregion until level 45. These are the things I suggest you do either before or when you reach level 45:
    Craft a cloak and full set of level 45 armor appropriate for your class
    - Light Armor for Lore-master, Minstrel, Rune-keeper
    - Medium Armor for Burglar, Hunter, Warden
    - Heavy Armor for Beorning, Captain, Champion, Guardian
    Craft stat-appropriate set level 42-45 jewelry
    - Will-based classes: Lore-master, Minstrel, Rune-keeper
    - Agility-based classes: Burglar, Hunter, Warden
    - Might-based classes: Beorning, Captain, Champion, Guardian
    Craft level 45 weapon, off-hand, shield, etc.
    Craft level 40 class-slot item, trail food, potions, hope tokens, lore papers

    (Tip: for each 10 levels while leveling an alt character, I craft and mail those items I know the character will need. Send mail for each level set, so from level 10-20, I mail items from my crafters for level 12, level 15, and level 18; and title the email with "level 12 armor", "level 12 jewelry", "level 12 weapon", "level 13/24/32/45 lore papers", "level 15/25/30/35/40/51 hope token", "level 10/20/30/40 trail food", "level 24/25/30/35/36/40/45 pet food", etc. as appropriate for your character's level.

    Mailboxes are more common than vault-keepers, so you can take delivery when needed. From 20-30, do level 20 and 30 class-slot items; and level 22, 25, and 28 armor, weapons, shield, and jewelry. Preparation prior to leveling the alt character is key to setting them up with the gear they will need as they level.

    Legendary Item Use - Level 50 Class Quest
    As soon as you reach level 45, your class-quest (level 50) pops up. I highly suggest complete that first, since upon completion of the epic Walls of Moria (allows access to legendary items and to Moria itself), you may still be level 45. Completing the class quest helps you level a little more and you can get some pretty good item upgrades. If you are having trouble finding items for the class quest, you can barter marks for them at any skirmish camp. The class quest requires you to kill some mobs in Angmar and Misty Mountains, so taking a hunter along can help with that travel. I have found taking delivery of the required items for completion of the class quest prior to each objective can help save some time travelling back and forth.

    For example, Hunter level 50 class quest: The Swiftest Arrow is Learning (this quest is available from level 45). Archet (east of bree) for Articles of Discovery and Implements of the Hunt. Articles of Discovery requires travel to Angmar to collect bound items, return to Archet to turn them in. Then collect glossy cave-claw skins and corroded Neekerbreeker-horns in Angmar, then Rune of Winged Dominance and Insignia of Battle from Carn Dum (6-man instance) in Angmar, then back to Archet for quest completion. Options here are travel back and forth, do the instance, and bring the items or (if you are like me and have done this process on multiple characters) mail the items from my storage alt.

    Legendary Item Use - Walls of Moria
    Then go to Eregion, at Echad Dunann, and start Volume II, Book 1: The Walls of Moria, Chapter 1: Strangers in Hollin, which begins near the stable-master in Echad Dunann; talk to Rathwald [50.6s, 7.6w]. https://lotro-wiki.com/index.php/Que...gers_in_Hollin

    Do all the quests and get some nice quest rewards, 2x legendary items (which are bis; best in slot), then either return to complete quests/deeds in old zones or keep leveling.

    What I tend to do is alternate leveling and deeding to keep virtues maxed for the five virtues slotted in virtue slots for the specialization (spec) I enjoy the most. So, blue spec hunter for kiting/mobility, yellow spec captain for tanking, red spec minstrel for kiting, etc. That way, I can go back to unfinished deeds when needed to catch up with virtues until the five slotted virtues are maxed for that level, then go back to leveling.

    Ok, so you completed your class quest and walls of moria. You are now level 45 or 46. Your quest rewards legendary item in the weapon slot can only reach legacy level 40, so at level 53, decon both LI and replace them with level 53 third age LI. That process can be simple if you know what you are doing. Here is my attempt to explain the limits of the legendary item system.

    Legendary Item Use - Legacy Levels
    The legacy levels of the LI upon reaching level 30 legacy unlocks access to a legacy selection scroll upon decon of the legendary item (talk to relic master and select decon tab; unlock LI, remove from equipped, then decon LI, select legacy). Any LI you decon prior to level 60 can result in a legacy replacement scroll to apply to a level 60 Li, if you leveled the LI to at least 30 legacy levels. Decon at 31 legacy levels unlocks the chance the resulting relic tier is improved; waiting until 70 legacy levels increases that chance.

    For this and other reasons, I highly suggest you hold on to your LI to gain at least 30 legacy levels, but in most cases 60-70 legacy levels increases the chances for improved relic and rune quality at decon. Since first age LI can store ~2.89 more legacy experience than third age LI, I use first age LI when available. At this point (a few years of play) I craft 2x first age LI for each alt at each upgrade, but if you are not yet able to make your own LI, 2nd or 3rd age LI will suffice.

    Heritage rune quality is not as important early on in the process around level 60, but as you approach level 85, consider keeping those heritage runes that are 800k or higher for use after imbue at level 100, if you have the inventory/storage space.

    The legacy system randomly generates major and minor legacies for the LI as you identify and reforge the LI. Identify the LI, then equip and/or slot the LI into one of your 6 (or more) LI slots (use [shift i] to access). Identification of the LI yields 3 major legacies, but generally those 3 major legacies are less than optimum for your chosen spec. That is where the legacy selection scroll/legacy replacement scroll comes into play.

    But first, identify the incoming 6x Li. So back to those 2x quest reward LI you will replace with 6x level 53 third age LI. Rusted tools drop from level 51-55 humanoid mobs in Moria and Lothlorien. If you do not have enough LI stored, you can barter rusted tools in Bree or 21st hall in Moria for 6x LI (3 weapons, 3 class-slot LI). Normally, I try to identify around 10-20 LI for this process and choose the 6 LI that best fit the spec. If 10-20 LI is not possible, take what you can get. The legacy replacement scrolls are used to replace those legacies that do not apply to your spec with a legacy that you will use most often.

    Legendary Item Upgrade Levels
    I suggest replacing LI at these LI Upgrade Levels: 53, 60, 65, 75, 85, 95, 100. I have found the most difficult access to extra LI is level 95. Level 95 LI drop from mobs in the northernmost area of West Rohan called Entwood, but if you have maxed crafting guild rep with all the crafts on alts, you will be able to craft first and third age LI for the LI Upgrade levels and make this a relatively smooth transition to increased dps/tanking/healing for your character.

    The Legendary Item is best in slot (bis) for a reason. You can apply relics, titles, and heritage runes to increase the dps/tanking/healing ie increased character viability. The more LI you have slotted, the more legendary item experience you gain, so if you can afford it, unlock extra LI slots. Relics are only needed on the equipped LI. I generally only equip first age LI after level 60.

    Obtaining first age LI at level 60 requires Moria/Lothlorien raids (Filikul/Vile Maw/Dar Narbugud) for bright emblem of nimrodel. Then barter 6x emblems in Bree or 21st hall in Moria for a level 60 first age LI, so you will need 12x emblems.Or purchase level 60 first age LI from auction house if you can afford it. That takes care of 2 of 6 LI slots; to fill the other 4, I mail third age LI from storage alts.

    Level 65-100 first age LI are crafted, except after level 100, roving threats can be killed to obtain an account-bound token called Gift-giver's Brand. Make sure you take the quests from the roving threat quartermaster in each zone before you kill them. Roving Threat Quartermasters barter 50x gift-giver's brands for a level 100 first age weapon, but are bind on acquire.

    This method can be rather expensive if you have limited numbers of legendary shards/fragments in your legendary item rune shard system, but third age (level 55, 60, 75, and 85) LI can also be obtained by talking to a relic-master for your class. Legendary shards are obtained by critical success combining relics and decon LI at any relic-master.

    Third age LI class slot item (level 65, 75, 85, 95, 100) can be bartered for marks and medallions from legendary item vendor in any skirmish camp.

    Level 51- 53 LI can be obtained as drops from 51-55 mobs in landscape or instances, but the easiest access is from barter rusted tool from vendor in Moria/Bree.
    Level 60 LI drop from instance mobs or raid mobs in Moria/Lothlorien (Vile Maw, Filikul, Dar Narbugud).
    Level 65 LI drop from mobs in Enedwaith, southern Mirkwood, barter rep tokens with rep vendor in Enedwaith/Mirkwood, LI class slot item from skirmish camp LI vendor, or crafted by crafting guild crafter
    Level 75 LI drop from mobs in Great River or barter rep tokens with rep vendor in Stangard or crafted by crafting guild crafter
    Level 85 LI drop from mobs in Wildermore or crafted by crafting guild crafter
    Level 95 LI drop from mobs in Entwood or crafted by crafting guild crafter
    Level 100 LI drop from mobs any zone with mobs level 100 or above or crafted by crafting guild crafter

    There are some epic quests that reward second age LI, which are typically bound to character.
    Lvl65: Vol III, Book 3, Chapter 4: Ergothorn Elf-friend quest
    Lvl85: Vol III, Book 9, Chapter 9: The Dividing Line quest

    As you reach each LI Upgrade Level, you can learn the process and make mistakes prior to level 100. Mistakes on a level 100 imbued LI are quite expensive, so make sure to learn it prior to level 100. For example, an imbued crystal of remembrance (called Additional Legacy Slot in the in-game store) costs 995 LP, if it is not on sale.

    Legendary Item Use - Imbue Preparation
    At level 100, you craft/obtain 2x level 100 first age LI, identify them, decon 6x level 95 LI and select legacy replacement scrolls, apply appropriate scrolls to level 100 first age LI, add 3x anfalas star-lit crystals, tier 10 relics (settings, gems, runes, crafted runes), then level normally.

    At legacy level 70 (anfalas scroll of delving), add an extra legacy slot (crystal of remembrance), apply legacy replacement scroll (from level 95-100 decon) to replace the extra legacy slot, upgrade all 7x legacies to tier 6 legacy.

    After you double-check you did all the steps, then and only then can you imbue. Yeah, actually the longest step in this process is ensuring you have chosen the right legacies, leveling up 3rd age level 95-100 LI to 60-70 legacy level, decon for legacy replacement scrolls, then grinding anfalas scrolls of empowerment.

    2-Hand LI ranged/melee dps weapons do ~3k and 1-hand do ~2k when maxed, but the expense in time grinding quests, instances, and rep for the star-lits, crystals of remembrance, scrolls of empowerment, and titles can be extensive. Aside from the crafting grind, maxing out 2-4 legendary items is a huge investment, but they both seem like never ending endeavors. And that is just for 1 character; add in all the alts and you have an endless supply of enjoyment from Lotro.

    Legendary Item Upgrades (Scrolls & Crystals)
    Crystal of Remembrance
    -- additional LI legacy slot (ie adds 7th legacy)
    -- max is 7 legacies (major 4-5 & minor 2-7)
    -- rewarded for epic quest as you progress through the epic story near Osgiliath (South Ithilien, Eastern Gondor); can only be used pre-imbue; each LI can have one applied, so if you do not get a few of these from hobbit gifts/etc, you should plan on saving up around 600 gold or more for purchase of one off auction house
    -- since this adds an extra legacy slot to LI and most characters have 2 or more equipped LI, obtaining at least 1 additional crystal of remembrance is a necessity; with some classes using multiple specializations (yellow captain as tank or red captain as dps, for example), 1 set of two LI per spec plus warsteed, for a total of 5 first age level 100 LI, purchase of up to 4 additional crystal of remembrance (~2400 gold) may be required, if you are not able to source this item otherwise.

    Anfalas Star-lit Crystal or Star-lit Crystal
    -- pre-imbue effect: increase level 100 and lower LI dps rating (3 maximum)
    (ie dps on weapon, heals on class slot)
    -- imbued effect: unlocks a tier of your primary dps legacy (71 maximum)
    -- Star-lit crystals (and other LI scrolls) can be rewards for some quests, hobbit gifts, festival token barter/rewards, boss chest instance loot, 1-man skirmish lieutenants/final bosses, 12-man raid/skirmish raids, epic battle platinum lootbox rewards, etc.
    Other Star-lit crystals
    -- Small Star-lit Crystal (lvl65 and lower)
    -- Star-lit Crystal (lvl75 and lower)
    -- Riddermark Star-lit Crystal (lvl85 and lower)
    -- Eorlingas Star-lit Crystal (lvl95 and lower)

    Scroll of Delving
    -- adds additional 10 legacy levels (ie from 60 to 70)
    -- Can be rewards for some quests, hobbit gifts, skirmish camp barter for marks and medallions, rep token barter with various factions, instances/skirmishes, epic battles, etc.

    Relic Removal Scroll
    -- unslots all setting, gem, rune, and crafted relics
    -- Can be rewards for some quests, hobbit gifts, stee-bound lootboxes, scaled dungeon chests, etc.

    Anfalas Scroll of Empowerment or Legacy Tier Upgrade
    -- upgrade tier of skill legacy on level 100 LI
    -- for imbued, unlocks a tier of your skill legacy (83 maximum)
    -- Can be rewards for some quests, hobbit gifts, festival barter, instance loot, etc.
    -- Featured Instance = 3-6 scrolls per day for 20-40 minutes of playtime.
    -- Minas Tirith Dailies = 6.5 scrolls per day for 45-60 minutes of playtime.
    -- Dol Amroth Training Exercise = 1 scroll per day for 15-20 minutes of playtime.
    -- Western Gondor Warbands = 1.5 scrolls per day for 20-30 minutes of playtime.
    -- Osgiliath Culvert Daily Quests = 2 scrolls per day for 40 minutes of playtime.
    -- Raid - Throne of the Dread Terror = 1 scroll for 3 Ancient Ithil-Coins
    -- Big Battles reward = Solo 372 marks + 106 Medallions + 40 Stars of Merit in 27 minutes of playtime.
    -- Big Battles = 1 Scroll for 90 Stars of Merit
    -- Marks and Medallions = 1 Scroll for 2,541 Marks + 293 Medallions
    -- Roving Threats = Need to confirm numbers.
    -- Refining at Forge-master = Need to confirm numbers (but it's insane if memory serves).
    -- Spending 40-60 minutes killing Moors NPCs @160-400 silver or about 5 gold every 20 minutes. Vendor the trash and sell the moors quest items for megabucks on the AH.
    -- Auction House

    (using store versions of items is an option, but I tend to avoid using this option unless I made a mistake)

    Imbued Legacy Replacement Scroll (795 LP)
    -- replace an imbued legacy with a new imbued legacy
    -- rewards for some quests as you progress through the epic story; I think each character gets 6 total, so use sparingly as the cost of this scroll using lotro points can get expensive

    Crystal of Remembrance (995 LP) [store name: Additional Legacy Slot]
    -- A pre-imbued version of this is rewarded for epic quest as you progress through the epic story; I think each character gets only 1 pre-imbued version of this item in total, so use the imbued version sparingly as the cost of this crystal using lotro points can get expensive
    -- since this adds an extra legacy slot to LI and most characters have 2 or more equipped LI, obtaining at least 1 additional crystal of remembrance is a necessity

    Star-lit Crystal (495 LP)
    Scroll of Delving (195 LP)
    Relic Removal Scroll (195 LP)
    Legacy Tier Upgrade (295 LP)

    Helpful Links
    Main Page: https://www.lotro.com/en?


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    I've been in really tight times to where $20 was not an option to me, and I like your guide. Even as a lifer, I can still use a lot of stuff from your guide.

    One thing I would like to add is if you can afford it, every blue moon buy the $7.99 point purchase, even if you can only afford it every three months.

    One question that I have, as a F2P player, do you use the one hour timer on milestone porting, or do you get it knocked down to 5 minutes?
    "Grandchildren are God's reward for not killing your children when you wanted to."

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    This is a very nice guide and I'm going to get a lot of use from it later as my horde of characters continues to level closer to 100 (still not going to be anywhere near there for a while yet and I'm in no rush). I enjoyed reading it, too!

    While you offer some tips for people concentrating on the F2P earn-your-way deeding experience, this is more of a general guide with a lot of inches devoted to LIs. If you ever decide to edit and repost, consider a broader audience than just the freeloaders, er, I mean, the F2P folks.



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