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Thread: Reaver bugs

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    Reaver bugs

    sup SSG, ty for listening to my banner topic a couple of months ago.

    Anyway I wanted to address a few issues with the reaver class in the moors

    • Please reinstate the Dying rage damage reduction. With the current meta when Dying Rage is used, reaver will just die like a fly, even when a morale pot is consumed during the DR state.
    • Poor at dealing with kiting. This comes due to the increased range of for example champions, their melee skills have gotten an increased range which causes reavers to be kited out in the brawl fight.
    • Jagged-Cut has a weird AOE gimmick. I recommend the dev to see for himself at the gram dummies. The AOE coverage of jagged cut is not 180 degrees frontal and swings off a bit to the right. This often causes awkward situations when in pvp combat.
    • same issue for captains and many more classes, the issue that once you double tab either Against the odds or Resilience.
    • Resilience not providing immunity for slows with the added trait. I notice a lot that even when my resilience state is active, I get slowed. see -> https://lotro-wiki.com/index.php/Adv...ll:_Resilience
      perhaps this could be some kind of clutch or lag issue too.
    • Quick strikes still only affect the attack duration of auto-attack due to most reaver skills being ''fast''. I assume it's a bug and the trait doesn't affect the reaver skills because it has never been touched again.

    Overall with the release of threshold gear, I notice that some freeps who are extremely geared can simply outheal the damage some creeps do in the current meta. Now, most creeps go full glass since freeps got excessive selhealing and the survivability of creeps is good enough to compensate for it I guess. However, once for example let's say a reaver starts traiting more mitigations with morale. The combat interaction can result easily in a 5-minute fight. This is okay in my opinion, but with classes like captain and beorn, it will result in a never-ending fight.

    However, with the current meta, balance is fair I guess compared to previous expansions.

    What could improve? I suppose Dying Rage, bugged Resilience, and the weird AOE ''Gimmick'' of Jagged cut. Which are just the most important points I think. Since the current Dying Rage does not offer enough defensive stats as opposed to its old one to be of any good use.


    Added quick strikes
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    Please leave me in my eternal slumber



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