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    Eriador Year One Overall Quest

    Did the three Eriador Year One quests, and each completed with a token reward. But the overall Eriador Year One quest did not autocomplete and no rewards (Farmer Maggot's dog, etc.). The three quests appear as complete in the "Completed" quest log, but no overall quest.

    No Eriador Year Two quests on the scrolls on the Party Tree. Only the three Year One quests, and my character is not high enough to complete them.

    The hobbit at the table, Waldo Rumble, has no quests for me.

    I have logged out and logged back in. I have gone to a different zone and returned. I have submitted a ticket.

    Is this happening to anyone else? Looked in the forums, and don't see anything.

    Thank you for your help,

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    I also encountered the same problem just now while playing with a friend. We are also too low for the real quests and hope there will be a solution soon.

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    This information won't exactly help you, but there was a rework to these quests at some point. The quests now are "Eriador Year 1 Tales: Frodo" (etc), but they used to just be called "Year 1 Tales: Frodo" and exist as a separate log in the quest log. My guess is that the wrapper quests aren't properly hooked up to the new versions of the quests? Definitely seems like a bug.

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    Huge THANK YOU to everyone who responded to my problem. I'm glad it is not just me. I was sure that I had done something to make the silly thing snafu.

    Sounds like it is just snafued to begin with. Hope it gets fixed sometime this Anniversary.


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    My friend and I had this problem and we seemed to resolve it by cancelling all but one of the associated quests.

    Having multiple active quests, for example; 'Year 1 Tales' and 'Eriador Year 1 Tales', appeared to put the NPC in limbo and prevented us from turning in. After cancelling 'Year 1 Tales' there was a delay of several minutes before the NPC eventually refreshed and we were able to turn in the remaining 'Eriador Year 1 Tales'.

    We obtained the rewards (Farmer Maggots dog) and continued to do the other quests one at a time.

    Don't know if this will work for everyone but I thought I'd share our experience of it.
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    Hmm.. I thought the Eriador XXX quests are the ones they added for LOWER LEVEL characters.

    They originally only had quests that would require you to be higher level eventually to complete them all. They added in a second set of quests (the Eriador ones) so that people who couldn't do those could still do the anniversary scavenger hunt thing.

    So there are TWO sets of questlines. Higher Level and Lower level and that is why one may not count for the other's wrapper.

    Just make sure you are doing the correct wrapper for your level.
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    WOOT! Fixed! It just happened. I didn't do anything special. Just carried on with Missions and the like. And checked back at the Party Tree a couple times, and boom, the last time, his niece had the Eriador Year wrapper quest, and the Party Tree had scrolls for that level of quests.

    Thank you to everyone who contributed to this thread.




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