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    Lightbulb Carry-alls permanent on store

    Please bring back ALL carry-alls to the store! I'd love to buy one or two for cosmetics and for housing items as well. Don't know where to keep all my stuff. Already have a bunch of chars just to keep my furniture and cosmetics, since the wardrobe is maxed out and three houses plus kinship house are full as well.
    Need more space. Please!!!
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    Carry-alls are great. I have one on every one of the characters that I regularly play.
    I think I understand why they are still somewhat rare.

    There is money to be made by selling expanded vault/bag space for LP.
    Vault/bag space becomes important when you decide to get serious about crafting.
    You will eventually need to expand your storage space to handle all the crafting stuff you need.
    It starts out as a gold expense and eventually becomes an LP expense.

    Yes, spending LP on Carry-alls makes more sense than spending LP on vault space.
    At some point, it makes more economical sense to buy a Carry-all instead of vault space. Even shared vault space.
    With a Carry-all you don't have to go to your Vault or your Shared Vault or your House/Kin-House storage . It takes up one space in your inventory. And the "Large" variety gives you 50 spaces. That stack with no limitations on quantity. And, when you craft, the engine looks in your Carry-all just as if its 50 more spaces in your bags. So you are effectively adding 50 spaces to your bags with 1 Carry-all. Actually more considering the unlimited stacking. Well, maybe not unlimited. I just haven't tried to max it out and have never found the limit.

    Until more folks figure that out, we will continue to have expensive and rare Carry-alls.

    They have really simplified crafting for me. I leave the setting at manual placement rather than auto-placement. That way I can choose what goes in and I don't hafta' weed out the non-wanted stuff. I only focus on one crafting skill per character. And when I decide its time to do some crafting I doan wanna spend any time finding stuff. Carry-alls make that easy.
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    The crafting carry-alls are always available. The other carry-all types (essences, task items, housing stuff, cosmetics... are there others?) I've only seen appear in the store during a "special" for about a week, one time, in the 7 months I've been playing.

    I snagged some task carry-alls, they are a huge convenience and worth every LOTRO point I spent on them.
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    Yes, make all carry-all's available all the time.

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    If not permanent, then available more frequently. I want to spend my money. Please let me.



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