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    [Kinship] Men of the Mark

    Westu hal, traveler!

    We of the kinship Men of the Mark have decided to share our adventures, hoping that we will inspire others to seek out roleplaying as a rohirrim in Rohan. Here you will find background information, stories, poems, songs, videos, screenshots and other related items we amuse ourself with. We hope you enjoy it as well and maybe we meet on the green fields of Rohan.

    The world is changing once more. For hundreds of years, our people have fiercely loved this land of rolling plains and rushing rivers. Proud kings and stalwart horsemen have driven invaders and usurpers from our borders time and again. It is their enduring vigilance and bravery that allow our people to continue to thrive, to enjoy horns of mead and tales of our forefathers told in song around the hearthfire without fear of attack. Horses finer and stronger than any others in Middle-earth graze peacefully over our lush grasslands, and tirelessly carry our doughty Riders from the Isen to the Langflood.

    But in these latter days, rumors and troubling whispers are beginning to reach even the farthest edges of the Riddermark. Old threats and unsettling new shadows creep into the minds of crofters and townsfolk alike, as more and more soldiers gather into the cities and patrol across the wide plains.

    Yet still, life must go on. Fields must be tilled, crops must be harvested, children fed and raised, hooves cleaned, roofs thatched, mead brewed, and weapons forged. Every man, woman, and child, from the King’s Golden Hall to the farthest-flung croft, must see to their duties and continue to preserve the life and the land that our forefathers bled and died for.

    We welcome any characters who call Rohan their home! You must demonstrate at least a working knowledge of the lore, and be respectful and mature to other players at all times. This kinship was created to encourage and foster lore-rich roleplay within Rohan, and characters are not required to be acquainted or interact in-character (IC), though it is encouraged! You do not need to play a combat (fighting) character, we welcome the commoners, farmers, merchants, stable hands, blacksmiths, etc!

    Please contact Gamferth, Brynleigh or Waelden ingame with questions or for more information.

    Banner is a edited screenshot by the player of Waelden
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    Bancross village [RP home to MotM]

    Bancross is a small village under the jurisdiction of Edoras, located somewhere upon the Kingstead Plains. It is a smaller, quiet town that has somehow managed to escape much of the ravages of war, even though many of the outlying farms and homesteads have been burned and plundered over the years.


    The Garrison - 1 Filly Lane
    The local guard garrison is located at 1 Filly Lane; the heavily defended barracks and outer premises looming over the main road into the village with ever watchful eyes around. The guards’ daily affairs are led by Sergeant Thilwend, who oversees the patrol schedules and is usually the one welcoming new arrivals in the area when the commander is not available, or busy elsewhere. The current commander of the garrison is Captain Denholm, a recent arrival from Snowbourn after a call for reinforcements had been made.

    The Roaring Dragon - 1 Colt Road
    The Roaring Dragon, Bancross’ local tavern, sits peacefully on the hill above the garrison. Here the guards and other locals often go for a drink, eating a warm meal, or maybe playing a game of dice to let out some steam. It is a quiet but welcoming establishment, and Lady Hildfirth is usually a kind proprietor, but at nights there may be things going on in the tavern that no one talks openly about. It has only carried its current name for a couple of years, as it was renamed in Sergeant Thilwend’s honor after she had slain a stray wyrm that threatened the area and ate their livestock. It was a hunt worthy of remembrance, and while Sergeant Thilwend only claimed to have done her duty, just as the other guards who followed her that day, the locals still remember her deeds fondly and with the highest respect.

    The entrance to the tavern is in the LEFT door on the front. The right door is Hildfrith's and Brona's personal quarters and is usually guarded by their dog.

    The Meadhall - 2 Colt Road
    The local Meadhall is the home of Averel, the Thane of Bancross, even though the town is mostly governed by the local community together, with him as the Overseer. The grand Halls are rarely used these days, save for town meetings and the occasional feast, and it serves perhaps better as a remembrance of times long past, and of the fleeing days of Rohan’s glory.

    The Orchard - 4 Colt Road
    The Orchard is a lively wonder of Bancross. Here have people grown apple and cherry trees for as long as one can remember, and the yard itself is also home to many beautiful flowers and bushes. While the house itself stands mostly empty, the yard buzzes and teems with life as the bees make the sweetest honey that later goes into making the local mead.

    The Marketplace - 5 Colt Road
    The marketplace is where the farmers, traders and common folk come to buy, sell and haggle for trinkets, groceries, clothing and other much-needed items. Duncadda’s carpentry can also be found there, known for its furniture of sturdy quality. Like any other town, traveling traders sometimes pass by and carry more exquisite goods with them as they make their way across the Riddermark. The main store house at the market is run by the young widow Gwennwyn and her younger sister Isenhild. Within the same storehouse, you can find a small dusty tavern operated by the sister’s during market festivals or on request from thirsty or hungry traveling traders.


    Gamferth’s home - 1 Mare Street
    The home of Gamferth. Having been quite restless and feeling somewhat stuck at his family farm outside Snowbourn ever since his retirement from the Riders, Gamferth moved to a new home in Bancross to try and turn a new and exciting page in his life. The passing of his mother only spurred on the decision, as he felt this bittersweet release from any obligations to his family had now opened the chance for him to live the rest of his life as he pleased. Gamferth’s life in Bancross has been much the same as it was before in Snowbourn, though now he only toils for himself and his friends, both old and new, who also reside in the village. While his soul is still restless, at least he now has a solid foundation in his new home, to serve as his safe haven and a place of silent solitude, in which to plan out his everyday life and whatever adventures he still might partake in to soothe the soul that quite clearly yearns for excitement, as much as he himself would like to deny it.

    The Thane's guest house - 3 Colt Road
    This house is owned by Averel, the Thane of Bancross and often stands empty, but it is known that close friends and kin of the Thane sometimes stay for a night or two here, though what kind of business goes on behind the closed doors, no-one truly knows. Rumours are plenty, but the locals believe it's mostly just a place for the Thane and his rich friends to relax, drink and party far away from prying eyes. In more recent times, the Thane has issued orders that no-one is allowed on the property without a signed and stamped pass, though for what reason, nobody knows except the Thane himself. Guards patrol the area day and night, and the citizens gossip daily about the house. Those who have come close might tell of boarded up windows, locked doors and an eerie silence, or perhaps a strange aura surrounding the house and some of its out-of-place garden features, but that is most likely just the curiosity and imagination running amok around the unknown and forbidden.

    Duncadda's home - 6 Colt Road
    A small farm bought and owned by Duncadda, with a few wheat fields and a windmill. Since Duncadda is rarely at his farm, being called to uphold his oath and serve the mark, the day to day business of running the farm are left to different hired help. The widow Gwennwyn who runs the market in Bancross, usually keeps an eye on things, while Duncadda is out travelling.

    Brynleigh’s home - 7 Colt Road
    The home of Brynleigh. Brynleigh manages the village stable and sees to the care of its horses. Her lodgings are in a small house immediately adjacent to the stable. Anyone seeking accommodation for their horse, or anyone in need of a mount, you are welcome to pay her a visit.

    Waelden, Ethel & Yllfa's home - 8 Colt Road
    In this house that overlooks the river, an older Captain named Erbrand earlier resided for many years. He was a lonely man ever since his wife died many years ago, and he was rarely seen at the premises. At times a few lit candles could be seen through the windows, but more often than not, the house sat dark and empty as Erbrand spent his time in Edoras, drinking away his sorrows together with his old friends, who are each leaving this world one by one as well. It was becoming increasingly difficult for him to take care of the house and the land around it, and he often hinted at moving to a smaller dwelling in Edoras whenever someone manage to catch a talk with the man. His time finally came as the autumn began to grip the lands, and Waelden, Ethel and Yllfa has now taken over this property, and are now working hard to make it their own and begin their life anew; a place to rebuild their lost dreams, and to ensure a prosperous future for their family.

    Northgyth’s Farm - 9 Colt Road
    On this small farm lives the woman Northgyth and her friend and aide Ymma. Northgyth is an older widow with upswept white hair and quite a stern demeanour that hides a heart of gold. She lives at the back of her small farm shop, where some smaller every-day things like vegetables, eggs, milk, flour and such can be bought, and she earlier housed the homeless refugees Waelden, Yllfa and Ethel, until they bought the neighboring property from the Captain Erbrand.

    The entire kingstead homestead named Bancross is controlled and owned by our kinship members. Formed into what we think a small Rohan village would look like and open for all who want to visit us.

    The map is edited by the player of Waelden.

    Are you interested to take a closer look at our home? Please watch our video made by the player of Brynleigh
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    Men of the Mark characters

    These are our characters within the kinship, that brings life into our roleplaying village of Bancross.
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    Men of the Mark (Poem)

    Ride, ride, ride, Men of the Mark!

    Hear the horns, heralding their time,

    bringing the light, banishing the dark!

    Their stories and song on a rising climb,

    none there is alike, in the mark!

    Ride, ride, ride, Men of the Mark!

    Shoulder to shoulder, they are bound,

    their friendly light, ignited by a spark!

    No foes or trolls can keep them down,

    they are the true men, of the mark!

    Ride, ride, ride, Men of the Mark!

    Thunderous horses, shake the battleground,

    bright as lightning, this is their story arc!

    They ride to glory, their war cry sound,

    they are the true riders, of the mark!

    Ride, ride, ride, Men of the Mark!

    Back to back, stories still untold,

    their light so bright, a lasting landmark!

    Riding forever as friends, ever so bold,

    these are the tales of the Men of the Mark!

    My own poor attempt at poetry written to honor my wonderful companions within the kinship Men of the Mark.
    The animated Gif is created by the player of Brynleigh
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    Rohan calling me (Song)

    Rohan calling me

    Eorl on mount to Calenardhon came spoiling
    Barren villages to the verdant plains
    Riddermark was a new beginning
    Ride and reign

    Far from the north and the ice-cold mountains
    Riders soar over new frontiers
    Songs and sagas of the mark determined
    Shields and spears

    Oaths of honor and the thrill of battle
    Pull together for the King and kin
    Clash of swords and the crash of shields
    Glory within

    Oh-ho-oh, The echoes of eternity
    Oh-ho-oh, Rohan calling me
    Oh-ho-oh, To pluck the strings of destiny

    Rohan calling me, Rohan calling me

    Hooves a’ thundering over the Easterling's armies
    Blood and glory in the Celebrant fields
    Shields a’ shatter into forged alliance
    Oath of Eorl

    Fires are rising and the bells are ringing
    Glory take us into our forefathers halls
    Golden glimmer and the chant of singing
    Bema calls

    Oh-ho-oh, The echoes of eternity
    Oh-ho-oh, Rohan calling me
    Oh-ho-oh, To pluck the strings of destiny

    Rohan calling me, Rohan calling me

    War and the winds will carry me
    War and the winds will set me free

    War and the winds will carry me
    War and the winds will set me free

    Oh-ho-oh, The echoes of eternity
    Oh-ho-oh, Rohan calling me
    Oh-ho-oh, To pluck the strings of destiny

    Rohan calling me, Rohan calling me

    I wrote this to honor ALL those who roleplay in Rohan and maybe inspire more to come and join us in our adventures.
    Rohan calls upon you all!

    The lyrical credits goes to Gavin Dunne, the man behind The Miracle of Sound, who wrote the song Valhall calling. I rewrote parts of the lyrics, fitting it to the Rohan theme and history.

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    Heroic screenshot contest

    A few weeks ago the HUGEsound Records annonced they would promote a LOTRO week from 22 thru March 29, celebrating music from The Lord of the Rings online. In that regard they asked for players to contribute with herotic screenshots and our kinship responded to the call with two submission. To our surprise and delight Gamferth managed to get on the banner view on their page the first day and later even Duncadda got a spot as well.

    Here is both Men of the Mark submissions:

    And as a motivate for us and hopefully other players who want to explore the Rohan roleplaying scene, they launched the song Roaming free.
    This is a celebratory anthem for players, Rohirrim galloping nobly across the wide open plains of a powerful and free Rohan. All lyrics in Old English.

    Free sample of it here : https://hugesoundrecords.com/single/33166/roaming-free
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    Roleplaying summary report #1

    Within our kinship we have steadily been developing a new storyline since January, where all kinship members can contribute with their own intake and ideas. Some of it is recorded through stories and screenshots at the Laurelin archives and is tagged “The Bancross Mystery” and added to our chronicle called The Bancross Chronicles. Here is a short summary, so far.

    The village of Bancross have had an unusual number of visitors and strangers, roaming in and around the village. Where some of them have been sneaking around the villagers homes during the night. Beside locking up their homes during the night, the villagers have also worried about the dwindling food supplies and a thane that seems to ignore his subjects and their troubles. As a result of this, the villagers have organized their own hunt parties to help with some of the shortages regarding the food. One of these parties got ambushed by a large orc warband close to the village, resulting in more uncertainty and an increase of hostility among the villagers themself, trying to blame certain individuals for all the bad omens.

    As a result of the stirring troubles so near the village, the Thane has bolstered the garrison stationed there with more riders and better armor and weapons. The light that comes with the spring and warmth with the summer, is sadly overshadowed as the villagers prepare themselves to endure the hardship lingering over the horisont. Will any come to their aid or will they stand alone?

    Screenshots collection from our roleplaying events

    The villagers of Bancross are meeting at the market, sharing disturbing news.

    The largest store at the market, but food are running short even there.

    The garrison sergeant visiting the Roaring Dragon tavern during her patrols.

    The villagers out hunting.

    The garrison signing up new riders to bolster its ranks.

    Outfitted with new haukberk and weapons, the new riders are preparing for their first nightpatrol around the village.

    If you are interested in becomming a part of our stories and immerse yourself into Rohan roleplaying. Please contact the players Gamferth, Brynleigh or Waelden ingame.



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