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    cooking progression guide, to much stuff in my backpack, any practical /simple guides?

    so...thought I'd try cooking/farming as a new player but to be real its over whelming to me the amount of ingredients I have in my backpack and the lack of recipes to make anything. I gave it up, in favor of backpack space for just leveling.

    I mean I had onions, carrots, rubarbs, strawberries, this, and thats. but my recipe was "make a biscuit" lol.

    Is there a general cooking guide to level this craft up with the best foods for leveling, soloing? like level 1-10 make biscuits, sell everything else. level 11-20 make rubarb pies, sell everything else. that sort of thing?

    just looking for a simple practical guide to 1 - make reasonable food that is useful to me, 2 - keep my backpacks clean, 3 - level the craft.

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    I dont know a cooking guide; only: lotrwiki cook recipe index. There are all recipes und how/ where to get them.

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    Here are some links to get you started:

    This one says it gives the most xp: https://lotro-wiki.com/index.php/Cook_Mastery

    This thread gives two approaches: https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthr...-a-Cook-Farmer

    The above don't go to the more recent tiers, but I usually do coffee for those. You have to get the recipes from drops, iirc, but might find one on the the auction house or if you ask in world.

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    Someday, you may want to consider a Large Crafting Carryall. You can set it to automatically grab ingredients as you get them, or you can leave it as a manual filler (what I do).

    I use one with my Cook and it only takes up one Inventory slot, and holds more than I could want for cooking/farming.

    Edit: Another amazing thing about it: If you keep the Carryall in your inventory (not in the Vault), when you open the Crafting panel it looks inside the Carryall for ingredients so you don't have to go back and forth to look for stuff.
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