so...thought I'd try cooking/farming as a new player but to be real its over whelming to me the amount of ingredients I have in my backpack and the lack of recipes to make anything. I gave it up, in favor of backpack space for just leveling.

I mean I had onions, carrots, rubarbs, strawberries, this, and thats. but my recipe was "make a biscuit" lol.

Is there a general cooking guide to level this craft up with the best foods for leveling, soloing? like level 1-10 make biscuits, sell everything else. level 11-20 make rubarb pies, sell everything else. that sort of thing?

just looking for a simple practical guide to 1 - make reasonable food that is useful to me, 2 - keep my backpacks clean, 3 - level the craft.