Re: Store Descriptions: Supplier says used a small yard slot and Forge says uses a large slot. Failure to state also use small furniture slot and special furniture slot respectively like costs sales as they cost mine for yr/yrs given I didn't want them if they went in yard.

Re: Supplier npc: Please remove summoning horn and make it a permanent npc like vault keeper is. 1) Summoning horn looks ugly in house. 2) Supplier spawns in random places. Is accessible then despite summoning horn is in same spot spawns inside walls and is unusable even with F10 U. 3) The 5 min cooldown is irritating. Does it serve any purpose to make players repeatedly spawn the supplier? The CD is Really Irritating when trying to find a spot that ensures the supplier will spawn in a usable location. I have yet to find a spot as despite waiting out cd to try new spots the next char spawns it and it appears in a different spot and I have to start the process yet again. If there is no compelling reason to make it spawn please convert to npc like vault keeper and if here is a compelling reason please let us know!