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Thread: North path

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    But there will be always lvl Caps for eah of the separated landmass?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Morgahad View Post
    But there will be always lvl Caps for eah of the separated landmass?
    There'd have to be, unless they tried to make a mega-new-zone that's set at level 50 or something. But they also have to consider the story.

    Take Moria, for example. The reason why you can't go through below level 45, save via mithril coin, is because in the story, Angmar and all of that has to come first. Then Moria opens up, but the story leads back to Eriador and then south to Dunland and then back around down into Rohan. That is also why Gondor is off limits till level 95, where the story then moves into Gondor and then Mordor before doubling-back to northern Rhovanion.

    The level caps follow the story.

    Wild-Wood is more of a small, kind gift to us that just opens up an area that was previously unavailable; since it has its own little mini-story apart from the "Main Story," that works, but it also has to do with that it's a fairly small area rather than a full-on content update like, say, the area they are planning north of Elderslade and then Gundabad.

    I kind of like that though; it makes things much more adventurous to know there are areas you can't handle yet as you level. It's also really fun to go "exploring" without leveling far and to see how far you get in the "red zones"; that can be a thrilling adventure!
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