It is good you will not put a max level to reputation items but please, could you also keep them non-bound as they are now? A lot of people including me either do not play level cap content, group content or are not there yet for a long time so getting marks and medallions is really difficult. If this change happens I have no ways to get reputation acceleration tomes for my main character or my alts whereas right now I can buy a few at auction hall or trade channel every now and then when I have enough money. Several people in my kinship are gutted by this change because they are in the same situation as me. I am having hard time understanding how this change benefits us players at all? All that comes to mind is that this only makes things more difficult for everyone. I read you mentioned you want to make the items bound but did not elaborate beyond that.

Please don't do this SSG. I never beg for anything in life but here I feel like I have to. Making things more difficult and less enjoyable without a proper explanation just hurts. Knowing this change is coming makes it really difficult for me to log in the game and enjoy playing right now.

Anyone else feel the same or am I the only one who is sad over this?