Decided to start leveling up my Minstrel. Naturally as one advances in level and starts dealing with more powerful mobs we want to start upgrading our gear. Usually this isn't a problem. Quests (especially epic) generally provide great gear rewards. Sometimes (especially in Mordor) Finesse becomes an issue. Thanks for the new armor and jewelry. Do you have anything that comes with Finesse?

Anyways for the first time I noticed something strange about gear rewards in the Ironfold (and Black Book of Mordor chapter 6-7). The game keeps giving me new boots. And (less regularly) new shoulder guards.

I don't need *another* pair of boots! even if they have slightly better stats! Can I have some some new leggings? gauntlets? Black Book chapter 7 does provide a new helm and (eventually) a new chestpiece. But while questing through Erebor then the Ironfold my Minstrel has received at least 4 boots and 2 shoulder guards.

Overall the devs do a good job of designing the game so we gradually receive what we need as we level up. Gear rewards in the Ironfold are strange.