To improve relevant level-appropriate rewards and reduce reliance on continuously grinding lower level content, we will be making the following changes to barter and quest acquisition of Scrolls of Empowerment in Update 28.3, currently expected to be released next week.

1. We are adding additional Scrolls of Empowerment rewards to the War of Three Peaks endgame. Completing the daily repeatable quest March on Gundabad: Additional Steps (Daily) and the weekly roving threat quest The War Effort: Threats to the Battlefield will now award Scrolls of Empowerment. These scrolls will work up through tier 83 on an imbued legacy, or on any legacy on a non-imbued legendary item.

2. Certain vendors in Gondor will no longer carry Anfalas Scrolls of Empowerment, and instead will let you barter for Scrolls of Empowerment with tier limits appropriate to the level of that content.

Additionally, we will be making a change to the Skirmish barter Small Reputation Accelerator Tomes. Any tomes acquired after 28.3 release will have a maximum usage level of 100 and be bound to character. Existing tomes that you have already received will remain unchanged.