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    Cannot load a character after a character race change

    I submitted a ticket on four days ago for this (ticket number 154678) and I haven't heard anything back.

    I used a race change token on one of my characters, to change a long-time toon from elf to high elf. After submitting the change, the character will not load and gives a message saying that it is still saving and to try again later. The system still says I have a race change token available.

    Server: Landroval
    Character: Doronrien

    Have had this character for 8 years and she's one of my mains. Would very, very much like her back, even if the race change can't go through (though, if it can't, I'd like the points back on my account, please. It's a lot of money to be out to have nothing happen).
    Landroval: Megildan, Fréodgyth, Faerelleth, Doronrien, Wilbeorht, Thanadoc, Skaldin, Skaldon, Beregelleth, Hadoriel, Leowine, others[/center]

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    I know this doesn't help at all. But I'm having the same problem on Brandywine. And there was another person in World Chat who was experiencing the same issue. It's really quite frustrating. Had I known it wasn't going to be instant, I wouldn't have done it right then. Now I don't have my main character for raid :'(

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    sorry for my english - i'm not an english native speaker...

    i got the same problem here. after racechange the char can't be logged in any more.
    with an other char the token worked fast and very fine...

    so... my formerly main-char is broken now?

    ticket is out and i wait. hope there is a light at the end of the tunnel ^^

    After the maintenance today, I was able to log in at least once.
    after that there was also a change of race - but unfortunately only from hobbit to human. becoming a dwarf was not possible.

    Unfortunately, after the race change, I also had to find out that the race skills had all been deleted and I had to re-acquire them. human skills are also not available. The hobbits' skills are entered, which, how can it be otherwise, CANNOT be used because I have the wrong breed for them ...

    not quite the result I wanted. especially since it cost me a lot of coins.
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    race change.. same issue

    The same exact issue happened to me and is still currently happening. It has been 2 days now and no word, which I totally understand, I am freaking out though and really hope I get my character back. I have had this account and character for a while, and honestly would be devastated losing all the time and money plus all my raid gear...

    any tips on how to get this fixed?

    Character: Wargbate
    Server: Arkenstone



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