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    Please get back Chance Thomas doing the OST for Gundabad-Expansion!

    Well, Title says it all. Since he has done some really remarkable work for the atmosphere in the game (Moria, Rohan is the pure awesomeness, but also all the others areas where hi wrote the OST for) it would be great if you could work together with him again.

    Chance Thomas really understood how to do OST for this game!

    So this would be nice if you ask me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by WorrBinpike View Post
    Chance Thomas really understood how to do OST for this game!
    Really understood would be an overstatement - lots of amazing ost in this game in different areas without his involvement and I don't even mean the recent work by Bill Champagne. Think Corsairs, Minas Tirith, Pelennor Fields, Anorien etc. That being said, yes, Chance Thomas *created* the musical soul of the game, true, the iconic old areas in particular but same for Rohan (which wasn't the same without his involvement in the Western part).

    For Gundabad then... sure I would love him to do something reminiscent of good old Moria again but I wouldn't really like him jumping in in the middle of things, because between Grey Mountains/Zhelruka/War of Three Peaks Bill Champagne has created something ongoing here with his musical motifs. At the same time, yeah, I would like Gundabad to feel GRANDER and different and special and more mysterious, so perhaps a collab of sorts would be ideal - so unlike Mordor where they each done their own thing in their own backyard (Chance = one landscape/one battle track per region + a bunch of smaller ones, similar to Rohan strings / Bill = interiors, instances, storylines and basically all of Seregost), Something more, like a collab where they exchange ideas and discuss things first, and maybe work together on some tracks and atmosphere. Now THAT would be pretty cool.
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