Hi, this felt like the only way to advertize publicly about the ceremony we put together to pay respect to one of our friends, Zackos, who passed away 2 days ago on november 19th.
He was a long time player, known by almost everyone on our server as a kind, helpful and always available player.
It would be nice if long gone players who knew him or players that went to play on another server would maybe join us on november 29th for a silent walk through bree, from the bridge near west gate to the south gate.
I know it's kinda weird to see a post like this but I don't know how to contact some old players that would have played by his side, and it feels like everyone who knew him should have a chance to say their last goodbye.
Here is the link to the event on the french raid planner, the time will be 5pm (GMT+1 I think is the french time).
If some of you knew him and can tell other players that aren't already aware, we would appreciate it.
Of course anyone is welcome to pay respect.
Thank you for your time.
Well, from kinship Lunar on Sirannon [FR]