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    Change your milestone from one milestone to another? (F2P account)

    I'm a F2P player. I downloaded LOTRO maybe a week or two ago. That said, I have been playing games much like this for many years.

    I now have two characters, both level 14. One, a Man, has stayed mostly in the home territory of his orientation training: Breeland. The other, an Elf, has just been given a quest that takes him to Bree (to meet Strider! whee!). Until a couple of hours ago, the Elf had operated entirely on his home territory: Ered Luin. He's now in Bree, at the milestone in front of the Prancing Pony.

    As you can imagine, this was a trek. Being a new character he was unknown to the Breeland stable masters -- so he hoofed it, all the way. From Thorin's Gate in northernmost Ered Luin, all the way to Bree (assiduously visiting stable masters all along the way).

    My "Man" character has changed his milestone several times. The lotro-wiki says that you can change your home milestone as much as you want. (Link below). It had been working that way.

    My "Elf" character had also changed his milestone several times, among various milestones back in Ered Luin. Well, if you're going to be operating in Breeland for a while, would you feel good about having your (only) milestone way out in Ered Luin?

    Of course not. So, as the Elf, I tried to change his milestone.

    Huh. Wasn't working.

    As usual, I clicked on the milestone to bring out the popup. I saw the usual things -- for using it to send me all the way back there. But I saw nothing to select to change milestones. I vaguely remember a button, maybe labeled "Change Milestone." Nope, not there. Tried right-clicking -- as usual with LOTRO, nothing happened. I couldn't see any way to replace my Ered Luin milestone with a Bree milestone.

    Well, I could go to the LOTRO store and buy stuff. But wait -- I didn't have to do that last week...

    Has something changed (very) recently? Or have I lost my computer-intuition? Is something that was intuitive last week no longer intuitive? Am I really that old?

    Help me, Obi-wan. etc, etc.

    That Lotro Wiki entry ...

    -- Dana (pronouns "he/him")

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    Probably just server lag? There's nothing to prevent a race/class to bind a specific milestone. I always just right-click a milestone and it offers to replace one of already bound.
    Unless someone in Bree has a grudge against your elf... ^_^

    I think that swift travel between starter areas (Bree, Celondim and Michel Delving) is available even for F2P, and even if you didn't visit their stable-masters before. But, riding to Bree should have been quite an experience for him

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    Thanks for the encouraging reply!

    I have just tried again. It worked!

    I think I confused myself, when I read the wording of the pop up I got after I clicked on the milestone. When I clicked on "bind," this time, indeed the "home" milestone did change to the one I was in front of. I was probably just too tired when I tried. (It was a long session, after all)

    Again, thanks for replying and encouraging.



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