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    If you were forced to be a stable master npc, which NPC would you be and why?

    Ladrochan the Stable-master of Rivendell. The idea of being an immortal cleaning the stables forever has its appeal... I guess.
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    If I were a stable-master, I'd be . . .

    . . . at The Vineyards of Lothlorien because, you know, wine.

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    If I were a stable master

    If I had to be a stable master I'd be Bill Rosewood at West Bree. I could meet so many people and I'd be near the prancing pony.

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    I would stable in Rivendell. Harmonious music, nature, and the greatest minds. The food wouldn't be half bad, either!

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    I'd be a Stable-master in the Hobbit Housing area. It's one of my favorite ones to use.

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    Lalli, the stable master at Suri-kyla, Forochel because I love that place especially at night.

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    the stable master Beorninghús, because the area is just beautiful

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    The Stable-master at Tinnudir would be my choice.
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    Some out of the way place where no one goes.

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    If I were forced to be a stable master Npc...

    ...I would be Bert Goldenleaf at the South Gate in Bree! Not just because it's a good Hub, but mostly for the very entertaining & goofy players that hang-out & convene there. ...Sometimes Bands play, too!
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    Definitely Ladrochan in Rivendell. Imladris is one of the finest places in Middle Earth and live among many Eldar elves and participating in their ceremonies would be cool.
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    My RL brain can't remember the locale - but there's one far of to the East up a mountain where the view is splendid. Whichever that one is, that's mine. Floid knows where it is...

    13! yess....

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    Celondim, where Elves sail to the Undying Lands.

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    Thinglad upon the Great River. A quiet place where you can ponder about the fleeting times, near the river that follows its course since the beginning of Middle Earth.

    (Actually, I had always wished there would have been more to it, than its function as an interstation to Stangard. The story of Noriel and Wynmar is just a short episode to tick off, and move on...)

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    Honestly I feel like you would get to hear a lot of interesting stories if you were Bill Rosewood. That's where everyone comes through, whether they're a conquering hero at lvl 130 who has seen it all or a brand new player at lvl 10, you would get to interact with them. Plus you're only a hop skip and a jump away from the ovens
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    I would be...... the Unstable-master!

    (img doesn't seem to work in this post, so: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachmen...460/4cchjf.png)
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    Which stable master?

    It would be Andfast Tunnelly in Michel Delving because it's a peaceful place, but yet busy for travellers too.
    And, it's right next to the ovens, so one can smell all the goodies.

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    The swift-travel stablemaster in the Shire Homesteads is a really sharp dresser. He always seems to be wearing a different outfit, but I think I am imagining things.

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    I´d prefer an isolated place, few players, like mirkwood, so anyone would bother me.

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    Best NPC stable master would be for caras galadhon

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    not a bad place in the bree settlements.Quiet and private

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    If you were forced to be a stable master NPC, which NPC would you be and why?

    Nowhere. That's a boring job.

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    Definately not the stable master in Rivendell. Having to listen to the noise from all those waterfalls all day long would drive me batty.

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    Galtrev probably. Country air, plus, everything facility is close by to visit on smoke breaks.


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