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    Seeking some help gearing up.

    Disregard last transmission. Got squared away. Thank you, folks.

    Hail, and well met, folks.

    You're probably thinking "gearing up" = raiding... nope.

    I've recently returned, not having played since RKs & Wardens, (since I seem to have one of each, lol).

    After playing around for a few days, despite loving all the classes actually, (sassafrassin no good, excellent classes aren't helping my Alt-O-Holism,), I'm going to stick with... for now... my Guardian and Champion.

    Yes, two very similar in scope classes.

    My Guardian is, and has been, set with gear appropriate for him... but I'm 99% sure Champs couldn't wear heavy armor at lv 19 back in the olden days, cause he doesn't have a single piece... until I bought the only low level heavy armor pieces that I could find on the AH last night; chest & head.

    Also, while he has what seems to be a nice axe in one hand, the other is a hammer, which doesn't benefit from the trait that increases blade damage.

    I think between the new "processing" ability that let's folks level crafting without actually crafting, and probably not a lot of demand in the lower levels, may have led to folks not really creating and selling such items on the AH... couldn't find any bladed weapons either.

    My Champ is lv 19.5, so if the next tier is lv 20, cool... or maybe it was 18/19?

    Anyway, I'm looking to commission some level appropriate heavy armor for every slot except chest & head, and one bladed weapon, axe or sword, I don't care which.

    I'm willing to pay of course, in fact I insist on it even if you don't want/need it... I pay my way.

    Having said that I collectively have 5 gold, and some silver, but of course I don't want to blow it all.

    If the concept/process of "gifting" exists in the store, I'm also open to a max of $5 RL value; 500 lotro coins, etc.

    Can anybody help me get my lil' Champ "geared up?"

    My Guardian is becoming an armorsmith, and Champ a weaponsmith, so I ultimately hope to become self sufficient... just need this lil' boost.


    Take care,
    Daruma, NoOb Extraordinaire
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    Yours in Friendship, Brotherhood, and Honor,
    Turaldur, Wandering Captain & NoOb Extraordinaire

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    Most of important things: Check out what content you have and what content you need to get (expansion sets, questpacks). Find good helpfull kin who can give you enough info about recent content changes, your class, builds...



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