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    Ered Mithrin Celebrant Salve

    Little things like this annoy me. Why are we getting these as drops? Not Ironfold, along with the Ironfold Athelas potion? Yes I have a scholar, that's so not the point.

    Additionally, do you think you can get around to sometime fixing the right-click "you need a valid target" bug? I mean, even if I am being hit by a mob that's right on top of me, if I switch target to that mob via right click, I get that error. Every time. 100% repeatable bug.

    Look, I'm enjoying the mini expac, THANK YOU (sincerely), but these sorts of things just get to me after a while.

    Oh yeah and the shadow effect if you level up in a BB... is there any ETA on that annoyance?

    Seems like these bugs would be low hanging fruit. Just helplessly SMH for the millionth time. Sigh.

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    Entirely cosmetic in this case.
    Or hadn't you noticed the Ered Mithrins and the Ironfolds do exactly the same?

    The first question should be: why do we have two recipes and two items for exactly the same thing?
    But agreed, having area-inappropriate loot gets to be quite annoying. Things like Westemnet scholar mats dropping in Minas Morgul or task items only usable in in future or past areas don't inspire confidence.

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    Ered Mithrin Celebrant is not the same as Minas Ithil Celebrant
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