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Thread: Askad Mazal

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    Askad Mazal

    I did T2 of Askad last night. And i would like to do T3/T4 is there a guide to it or just some tips on completing it.


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    Not really a guide I know of, but some general tips:

    1) On T3+ the king receives a buff for -50% incoming damage. This can be removed for 30s at a time by dragging him to one of the Shadowed World Eater's standing on the edges of the maps. Note that if the tank also gets hit, the tank will receive a +50% incoming damage debuff for the same duration.
    2) Puddles will drop on the ground overtime. One or two at a time aren't a big deal, but when they pile up they can be deadly.
    3) The boss will do his Shadow Pulse attack every 40s. This is a very high damage attack that hits everyone and should be mitigated with debuffs or bubbles. This will apply a fear to you (unless you have a captain spamming Muster Courage and making you have nearly 100% fear resistance). When you remove the fear (by allowing it to expire or removing with potion/skill), any nearby puddles will be destroyed. *IF* you are taking the fight slow with a healer and single DPS, you will want to keep your fighting area as clear of puddles as possible, so try to remove them strategically. On the other hand, if you are going for a fast clear (2 dps and a captain tank), you can probably try to ignore the puddles entirely and have the captain spam Muster Courage to keep you from receiving the fear.
    4) Frenzied Dark Ones are the scariest of adds you will see in the fight, because they apply a lot of wounds and do frontal attacks. The faster you burn these down, the better. Slugs and Shadowed Dark Ones are not as important and should just be taken care of with AOE.
    5) Make sure corruptions on the boss (after 50%) and Frenzied Dark Ones are cleared as soon as you see them.



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