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    One with the Evenstar necklace.

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    Love this game. Thumbs up.

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    A pumpkin with a single circular glowing hole. Peering in, you see a miniature hobbit burrow with Sam eating pumpkin pie by a warm fire.

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    A Carved Pumpkin showing the whole group that accompanied Frodo from Rivendell.

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    Come up with an imaginary LOTRO-themed carved pumpkin. What does it look like?
    Carved with a seasonal greeting in Elvish script that will glow when the pumpkin is lit.

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    How about a huge pumpkin with a hobbit eating it from inside out.

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    The design is that of Gandalf, standing comfortably and smoking a pipe, complete with a fancy smoke ring.
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    A pumpkin carved with PO-TA-TOES!

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    A pumpkin with the faces of all members of... the pumpkinship!

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    A pumpkin carved with the Great Eye.

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    A pumpkin head
    Treat me mean, I need the reputation.

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    Pumpkin Jam! Cant wait!!

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    Gollum slapping a fish on the ground.

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    Where There's a Whip, There's a Way

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    Come up with an imaginary LOTRO-themed carved pumpkin. What does it look like?

    There are lots of very good pumpkin ideas mentioned so far.

    One design that I would go with would be - A few NPCs, each with a ring over their head. They are ready to give us quests.

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    Pumpkin with a Kin craved into it.

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    +5 dread, just walking by it

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    Carved up

    I like the Balrog and Gandalf pumpkin above~! Impressive

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    Two vertical Saurons eye as eyes, Mount Doom contour as nose, Ringling snake as mouth
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    Pumpkins pies are so delicious that I ended up eating all the pumpkin... so I carved a pumpkin shape out of a lump of copper and put a toothy grin on it

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    A pumpkin carved with the secret entrance of Moria. The door just slightly open, so the light will fall out of it. A memory of better times.


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    my LM's lynx, Sable!


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