Once again Standing Stone Games,players from throughout the LOTRO community, and associated friendsand family are raising money for Extra Life! Our fundraising throughTeam Standing Stone Games will help the local Boston Children'sHospital, which provides life-saving treatment and care to childrenfrom all over the world.

We hope to raise $20,000 for the BostonChildren's Hospital this year, and we're combining forces to cru####! Team Standing Stone Games includes both Dungeons & DragonsOnline and The Lord of the Rings Online players, developers, andfriends. Last year we were the top fundraiser for the BostonChildren's Hospital, and we'd love to do that again! Standing StoneGames will be donating an initial $5,000 to kick off our fundraisingdrive, and we hope you will consider supporting our team as well.

Why Extra Life?

Extra Life is a charitable organization that unites thousands ofgamers around the world to play games in support of their localChildren’s Miracle Network Hospital. Since its inception in 2008,Extra Life has raised more than $70 million for sick and injuredkids. Click here to read more about the organization.

How can I help?

Join our team! Throughout the next month as we lead-in to ExtraLife’s National Game Day on Saturday, November 7, the StandingStone Games Extra Life Team will be fundraising together, and we havesome fun activities and giveaways planned to support the cause.

To donate to the Team: http://extra-life.org/team/ssg
To find my donation page:https://www.extra-life.org/participant/jerrysnook
To sign up for Extra Life, if you want to raise money yourself:http://www.extra-life.org/

What should I do after I donate?

As a token of thanks, we will again be offering minor incentivesto people who donate. Also like usual, if you want in on thegiveaways and incentives, I need you to send me a quick PrivateMessage on the forums so I can get your information and give you yourcodes.

If you donate at least $10, you will be entered into the variousgiveaways that will take place on November 15th If you donate to meor another Team member, it counts! However, Extra Life doesn'tprovide me with enough info to match your donation to a forum name,and I don't get info when you donate to other team members, so if youdonate, please fill out the following and PM it to me:

The name you used for your donation on the Extra Life page:
Forum name (or Twitter handle, etc.):
Amount Donated:
Date of Donation (if you know it):

Group incentives:

$5000 - Ten 500 LOTRO Point codes and ten picks from the CommunityLoot List will be randomly distributed to twenty people who donate atleast $10 to the fundraising effort through a random-number-generatedgiveaway. Only one entry per person regardless of donation amount.All giveaways will take place on November 15th. - Done!
$10000 - Ten more 500 LOTRO Point and ten more picks from theCommunity Loot List will be randomly distributed to folks who donate$10+. All giveaways will take place on November 15th.
$15000 - Ten more 500 LOTRO Point codes and ten Lively Slug petcodes will be randomly distributed to folks who donate at least $10+.
$20000 - We have met our goal! We will give away an Ultimate FanEdition of War of Three Peaks to one person who has donated at least$10! The random giveaway will take place on November 15th.

Individual incentives:

$5 - Forum Title of your choice, within the community guidelines.PM me with your desired choice. If you already have a custom title, Ican add another!
$10 - One pick from the Community Loot List, and an entry intoevery giveaway.
$20 - Two picks from the Community Loot List.
$30 - Two additional picks from the Community Loot List
$50 - A code for a Lively Slug pet that applies the pet to yourentire account, along with an additional pick from the Community LootList.

All incentives are cumulative, so if you donate $50, you also getthe benefits of the lower tiers. If you have a specific request basedon the level of your donation, just PM me and we'll sort it out. Iwill be taking donations through November 15th. All giveaways andincentives will take place after November 15th.

Here is the Community Loot List:


Extra Life:

Hero of the Small Folk


Artist (Prefix)
Artist (Suffix)
Art Lover
Audience Member
Concert Attendee
Event Organizer
Event Winner
Musician (Prefix)
Musician (Suffix)
Performer of Note
Provider of Event Information
Speaker for the Musicians
Speaker of Words
Striving for Victory
Viewer of Events

Other Titles:

Well Met


Best House in the Neighborhood Trophy


Tundra Cub
Spirit Bear


Bardic Fiddle
Lonely Mountain Fiddle
Sprightly Fiddle
Traveler's Trusty Fiddle


Steed of the White City
Cremello Steed
Perlino Steed
Steed of the Red Dawn

Thank you for your donation, however large or small it may be.There is never a time that children will not need life saving help,but especially this year, the work that is being done is morecritical than ever.

Jerry Snook and Team Standing Stone Games