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    Quote Originally Posted by zaboch View Post
    Far too few, 3% won't make a change

    There's already a dedicated legacy for it (Reactive Parry damage increases Parry chain skill damage)

    Not really, Red suffers from far too many issues regarding general gameplay (unavailability for parry responses on a parry response based playstyle, low critical multiplier and general utility)

    Plenty of finesse can be found on gear pieces.

    i did say bandaid, not fix.

    5% crit chance from WF would put red guard in line with many other dps lines on base crit chance (since WF lasts for the rest of the fight). obv having 7-10% crit on it would be a lot better, but then i guarantee there will be people complaining at how OP it is for having 100% uptime (in a singular fight ofc)

    i was not aware of the fact that reactive parry legacy affected parry chain skills. i think this is stated nowhere in game... is it by the same %age as it increases the damage of reactive parry?

    finesse will still benefit dps and tanking on guardian, and i think it would be a reasonable stat to put in there (obv i'd love if it was something like vit or tac mit or whatever, but that might be unreasonable in some eyes as champs only get inc healing for example; inc healing would also be reasonable, but i really don't like the idea of just copying champ and burg on that).

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    Quote Originally Posted by zaboch View Post
    Not really, Red suffers from far too many issues regarding general gameplay (unavailability for parry responses on a parry response based playstyle, low critical multiplier and general utility)
    I think it would be a very valid reason for SSG to be slow walking guardian updates based on just how much the class is tied to Block and Parry, and how much its depreciation has been tied to the B/P/E changes at the combat system level.

    From an outsider perspective - member of a raiding kinship that doesn't himself raid - tanking guardian issues seem equal parts encounter design (Oneshot level tactical damage spikes that cannot be avoided using guardian tools), and combat system changes that seriously depreciated the value of B/P/E generally.

    It reminds me of the issues wardens experienced with the stat system changes that came with the ROI expansion, which also depreciated the "Avoidance tank" niche that wardens had at the time. It was a messy update, to say the least. Vastin has already commented elsewhere that he wants to make BPE more relevant as a mechanic - which would be I think a welcome change not just for guardians. But it does create a problem with duplicative work if he has to "fix" guardians now, then fix BPE, then address if the fixes required to bring guardians up to par have created their OWN tanking imbalance after changing BPE. That's the sort of inefficient use of development resources that just won't work with the resource budget LOTRO has.

    It's definitely understandable - and the sort of thing some communication of intent would help clear up.

    Even my Signature is trolling!

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    As long as we don't know the direction SSG will go with in making B/P/E stats more relevant again, it's hard to ask for specific changes for guardians.

    But so far we only had one post from Vastin that mentioned B/P/E changes, posted somewhere in june, and based on the Bullroarer patch notes it certainly seems guardians won't be in a good spot in the near future.

    So I would like to see a few band aid fixes as well, to at least level the playing field a bit.

    If they are easy to apply now, they will be easy to undo again when actual class work will be done.

    I would at least like to see the blue tree trait guardian's defences get a +15% morale boost, and Juggernaut and Pledge be made into -% incoming damage skills for now.
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    rip guards

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    Quote Originally Posted by LordOfTheSquids View Post
    Bullroarer is CLOSED
    Thank you for your participation and feedback!

    • Cooldown for Thrill of Battle heal reduced to [20->8s].
    • Stoic bubble now provides damage reduction during its effect rather than a heal on expiration.
    • "Bellow" trait reduces Challenge cooldown by 5s per rank. Trait tooltip has been updated to reflect this.
    • Break Ranks now applies a group-wide buff rather than individual.
    • The skill is now triggered by Shield-taunt rather than Shield-smash.
    • This buff can only be triggered once every 60 seconds.
    • Fortification can now begin rebuilding immediately after being cashed out.
    I still see no new guardian notes? So guardians will still be useless for yet another whole content period... Well i guess all us guards wont have to log in untill gundabad bruh


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