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    Fade to Black, Rank 10 Kinship is recruiting

    Fade to Black is a Rank 10 mature, friendly, laid-back kin and we are looking for new members to enjoy the game with and bolster our ranks.

    We pride ourselves in having a relaxed environment and helping players grow, all within an ethos that real life comes first.

    We have a solid core of older players but we’d like a few more to enable us to raid as a kin weekly and to be able to do all the other aspects this game can offer.

    Things like:

    Grouping up for content .
    Lv50 nights .
    Low level levelling groups.
    Silly stuff like chicken runs and little fun competitions.
    A place to just hang out and talk with other like minded people.

    What we can offer you is:

    A good mix of nationalities (English is the primary language) and people.
    A place where your voice will be heard and we don’t just cater to people who talk the loudest.
    A beautiful Belfelas Kinhouse Island with a full crafting area.
    Active Discord which we primarily use for comms and to organise everything but being old farts, we also have a website too.

    Please message myself or one of our officers in game for more info.

    Thanks for reading


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    Just a little update.

    Recruitment has gone very well and we now have a wonderful group of people and are able to do all the things that we want to do.

    Having said that, we have on occasion been a couple of people short on raids (with our real life first ethos this will happen) and we would therefore like to recruit a couple more casuals who would like to raid.
    We’re not too fussed about class but if we had to pick, a warden and a yellow captain would be nice!

    We’re not going to suit a hardcore raider, we’re very much on the casual but regular side of things.

    We’re definitely going to suit older, crankier people who need a lot of bios

    Finally, if you’re reading this and the above post and you find it appealing, you’re more than welcome to give us a try and see if we’re a match. Feel free to contact one of the below or msg me directly


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    Yet another update from F2B

    Just a little update to let you know that Fade to Black is still around and moaning our way through lotro!

    We still need a lot of bios, but we’re having plenty of laughs along the way!

    Our lv50 night is now transitioning into a level 60 night, and we will be parking our tired butts in Moria for a long time to come, so if that’s content you like to do on level, then now would be a good time to join us.
    Raiding continues to go in the right direction too and we are now working our way through T2, (yes yes, nothing to scream about but you can’t beat achieving stuff with the same group after putting the work in and laughing whilst doing it!)

    We still offer other things too, like class discussion nights, swapping food recipes (with pictures) and even an upcoming quiz night (I did mention we were old right).

    All in all, we like hanging out and having a giggle and lets face it, we all need those things right now and being a smallish kin, means we really do all get to know each other!

    So, if this sounds like something you’d be interested in, get in touch with one of the below officers for more info and an invite or alternatively get in touch with me via the forums.

    Thanks all

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