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    Hmmm Enedwaith is pretty epic!
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    Which location in Middle-Earth displays the best fall color?

    Well, plainly, no place on Middle Earth can best an Eldarin Autumn for full-bodied, saturated, leafy, poignant splendor. But I feel this is kind of a "red hammer" deal (when asked to name a color and a tool, most folks default to the representatives of their mental categories of these things, overwhelmingly 'red' for color and 'hammer' for tool). Fall comes in many flavors and stages. So I hunted around to find a few honorable mentions.

    For early fall, where things are just starting to change and the breeze suddenly has a little bite to it in the mornings and you know fall is just around the corner, try central Enedwaith or in Dunland, especially around Galtrev. These places are pretty green, but a number of trees have some lovely red leaves and the ones that are still green are not the 'locked in eternal summer' 'it basically matches the grass' green found in Bree or the Shire.

    For striking red with just a little creepy flair, there's the Mournshaws in Enedwaith and the Bonevales and a bit of the Dunbog in Dunland. The white trunks of these trees are reminiscent of a grove of weirwoods (but not a single weirwillow to be found, alas!) which make them feel a little unreal, but the texture and shadow in these places draws me in (unlike Agarnaith or Garth Agarwen, where the red ground is just too much for me, though technically still fall-colored).

    If you're looking for a Halloween-type 'color me spooky' palette, I recommend the southern reaches of Southern Mirkwood, full of pale greens and muted orange under a misty lavender twilight. That is, until you get to the Ashenslades, where the pale green gets a coating of bone-white ash and the sky goes grey. There's even some ghosts for ambience! And of course for the purely ectoplasmic frights, there's the Paths of the Dead. Probably also Minas Morgul and its surroundings, but I personally haven't explored much there yet.
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    The Vales of Anduin

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    Celondim. Yeah, Celondim. But you have to find that perfect spot, facing the "unreachable place", the "out of the game spot" (the other side of the river), and then youll see, if its fall, the best fall color in Middle-Earth. Amazing!

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    I'll have to go with Trollshaws, especially around Barachen's Camp & Thorenhad.
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    Quote Originally Posted by The Beacon
    Which location in Middle-earth best displays fall color?
    Rivendell. Not just the colours, but the whole atmosphere of that area breathes autumn and the end of the season. In this case, the season of the Elves. Just riding around there I can smell the sweet scent of discolouring leaves and musty wood.
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    Lothlorien. It's not called the Golden Wood for nothing.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Arnenna View Post
    Lothlorien. It's not called the Golden Wood for nothing.
    I quite agree with Arnenna...Very beautiful with it's golden hues and so majestic with it's towering trees!
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    I am torn between Rivendell and Lothlorien.

    Yes, it's slightly painful.

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    The best fall foliiage in Middle Earth is . . .

    . . . Rivendell and the Trollshaws, with all due respect to the Shire. Lorien's autumn is too melancholy.

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    Well, since a lot of people already said Trollshaws I'm gonna go with Mournshaws.

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    I still need visit more places for say but Rivendell/Trollshaws is serious candidate.

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    Trollshaws for sure!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tuilerie View Post
    Vale of Imladris, a valley in perpetual autumn.
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