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    How good a cook do you think Gandalf is?

    A lousy one since he needs no earthly sustenance!
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    How good a cook do you think Gandalf is?

    Probably a decent one, especially with potatoes, given the amount of time he spends around hobbits

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    Gandalf is a terrible cook

    He thinks cooking something to charcoal still qualifies as "rare."

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    The first thing that came to mind upon reading the question is a correlation with a certain well-received tv series of the past few years.
    Where Gandalf the White takes off his hood to reveal a perfectly shaved head and then slowly turns to Frodo Baggins saying while putting on a heisenberg hat "Frodo... We have to cook".

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    Hmm... I think that there might be other reasoning for Gandalf bringing hobbits along on adventures... so that they can cook for him, as he can't replicate the flavours of hobbit cooking himself.
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    He probably has all of the knowledge of what he needs to do to cook but none of the practical skills. I think his mind is too preoccupied with other creative endeavours, like smoke rings and fireworks.
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    How good a cook do you think Gandalf is?

    A bad one...

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    He cooks with fireworks so he burns almost everything

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    How good a cook do you think Gandalf is?

    something between Eowyn and Gollum , also extra crispy

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    His cooking skills is probably close to zero, since he's always invited or inviting himself at people's places, not to mention he can freely enter the home of most any of the powerful people who are in charge of Middle-Earth and get served as a special guest.

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    How good a cook do you think Gandalf is?
    Probably not too good; that's why he crashes Hobbits' dinner parties with his dwarf friends.

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    Probably not very good. Wizards are not known for their cooking skills.

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    Cool How good a cook do you think Gandalf is?

    Dammut Jim, I'm a wizard, not a cook!
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    How good of a cook is Gandalf?

    I think that if he really put his considerable mind to it, Gandalf could pull off some very... interesting dishes. While exquisitely done, they would likely incorporate cooking styles/ingredients that have long since fallen by the wayside (and some for good reason!) or things that could not be accomplished (such as green eggs from a red hen boiled four minutes under the second full moon in March on a Monday, or some such), at which point he would improvise, and, well, let's just say no one is likely to ask him to cater their birthday parties anytime soon. He seems to do best when the Hobbits mind the foodstuffs and he is allowed to just burn things. Or explode them. Hmm... Maybe popcorn (if that were a Middle Earth food).
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    How good a cook do you think Gandalf is?

    Good enough to cook up some fireworks.
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    Olórin/Gandalf as a Maia would have the ability to be a 1st class chef.

    Here are 10 skills needed to be a world class chef...

    1 - Passion for Culinary Arts. - Whether a humble meal at elevensies in a hobbit hole, a campside cookout with the rangers, or an Eleven Feast in Rivendell, how about a night of carousing and drinking with dwarves in Erebor, honey on toast with the Beornings or even a more formal wedding feast with Aragorn and Arwen. Gandalf shows his passion for food and wine and his knowledge acquired over years of travelling would have meant he would have a real passion for the culinary arts

    2 - Love of Learning. - Hmm now just how do I address this criteria - oh wait...I know.... HE IS A WIZARD HARRY :P ... Love of learning is the cornerstone of his life

    3 - Stamina. - As a Maia he saw four ages of the World in Middle Earth - now I do not know YOUR criteria for stamina - but that fact certainly ticks MY box...

    4 - Willingness to Practice. - Practice made up his whole life, remember that it is only after he defeats Saruman that he progresses to white. So the preceding years were practice for him as he honed his skills. If you want a more practical example, think of all the attempts he made to open the doors in Moria - a good example of putting into practice his knowledge of languages.. and do NOT forget this.... "Wisest of the Maiar was Olórin. He too dwelt in Lórien, but his ways took him often to the house of Nienna, and of her he learned pity and patience."... a patient person will practice and practice to improve...

    5 - Business Savvy. The BEST example of this would be starting and directly contributing to the successful reacquisition of an entire kingdoms worth of gold. Would Thorin have reclaimed Erebor (with the help of his fellow dwarves and a certain hobbit) without the needed push in the right direction from Gandalf - I would say a 1/14th share in the riches of Erebor and the undying gratitude of Durins folk shows excellent business acumen and I am sure you will agree.

    6 - Good Communication. Wow there are SO many examples here of Gandalfs communication skills that I would run our of space to list them all. Whether giving advice in a council meeting with Elrond and Galadriel, A rousing speech to the soldiers of Gondor or even his private thoughts to Pippin during the battle for Minas Tirith Gandalf displays himself as eloquent and wise in his manner of communicating. He could be witty, think back to his discussion with Bilbo on "Good Morning", he could be wise, think of the many times he offers advice, he could be passionate in his speech and yet also humble. All in all he was a master orator.

    7- Ability to Take Criticism. Called Láthspell by Grima Worktongue, Stormcrow by Theoden on his arrival at Meduseld, as well as The Mouth of Sauron calling him Ahh, old Greybeard. If you also factor in that Saruman was the head of the White Council and often Gandalfs advice was overlooked or belittled and he served on that Council throughout the Third age any fair minded person will agree that he had the ability to not only take criticism but to rise above it

    8 - Great Leadership. We are discussing the Leader of the Fellowship of the ring here, we are discussing one of the Captains of the host of the West and we are also discussing the person who underwent the same trials and tribulations as the others around him. He was a brilliant leader, he took on the same burdens as the others in the group, he shared the same uncomfortable ground to sleep on, he ate the same food as the others, he took his turn standing watch with the others. This was a leader who led by example. This was a leader who put the fellowship ahead of himself - FLY YOU FOOLS- need I say more?

    9 - Attention to Detail. There are simply too many examples throughout his life that showed his attention to details, let me simply choose one as a prime example, his fireworks (I am sure dear reader that you can think of many more that spring to your mind) But for me this one example illuminates (pun intended) the others. The occasion Bilbo's 111th Birthday, Location the Party Tree in the Shire. Gandalf was invited for his pyrotechnical skills. What was the one thing we ALL remember from that moment, yes you can see it in your minds eye.... but let me help your memory..."Gandalf's fireworks were very impressive to the hobbits, who hadn't seen their like since the Old Took died many years ago. Green trees with scented flowers, singing birds, eagles, and sailing ships were all effects created through Gandalf's work with colored smokes and lights. The finale was a large red-gold dragon that flew out of a mountain, breathing fire and circling over the Hobbits' heads, before exploding over Bywater. This was in honor of Bilbo's adventures during the Quest of Erebor and was also the signal for supper." THERE is attention to detail at its finest, that dragon for me sums it up.

    10 - Grace Under Fire. If you have had the stamina to read this far then I need a favour as I cannot decide which of these is the best example of Gandalfs grace under fire. I honestly cannot... so I will leave it to YOU to decide for me.... was it:
    a) When standing up to Saruman in Orthanc
    b) Staring down the Balrog in Moria
    c) Standing alone before the Nazgul in the ruins of the shattered gates of Minas Tirith
    d) Keeping his compsure when faced with taunts from the Mouth of Sauron

    I honestly cannot decide - so if you have enjoyed what I have written so far please let me out - Choose A, B, C or D when you add your comments to this thread - what does this wonderful community full of wise and noble players feel is the best example of Grace under fire for Gandalf?

    So this concludes MY reasons for why Gandalf would make and excellent Chef de Cuisine

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    Precisely as well as he means to.

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    Red face How good a cook do you think Gandalf is?

    I think he fooled everyone into thinking he's not a good cook so others would prepare food for him but he's actually pretty good at it! It's more of a hobby than a necessity

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    How good a cook do you think Gandalf is?

    Probably fair to middling. Enough to get by, but why cook when you know hobbits?

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    Gandalf always supped with the Bagginses because too many Tooks spoil the broth.

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    Honestly I think I have to side with the person who suggested there's a reason why Gandalf always associates with Hobbits and brings them on journeys. If he could cook himself he probably would not have had quite as lively of an interest in keeping them around ;P
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    I'm sure he's great at cooking.

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    How good a cook do you think Gandalf is?

    A wizard never overcooks, nor does he overcooks, he cooks perfectly...

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    Depends on what he's cooking.


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