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    New Jersey

    Crickhollow Kinship "Directorate"

    Directorate is a Rank 10 Kinship founded in 2011, formerly from Imladris. We have a core group of about 5 -10 players and an active daily presence on our Team Speak. We maintain a Kin Forum, a Kin House, and we have our own Team Speak 3 and Discord voice communication platforms. Most of us have capped toons in all classes and many of us have toons in other Kin’s. We are a balance of male and female players, but our defining characteristic is that we are knowledgeable about the game. If you are new, we will advise and assist you as you level. We are a North American Kin but have members in Europe and Asia. Many of us are older retired players who just run content, but we do have a core number that are part of an established multi-kin Raid Group that has been Raiding for many years. To join Directorate please send an “in game” tell to Paladiran.
    Crickhollow Kinship Directorate ~ Paladiran 130 Hunter, r10; Agrro 130 Minstrel, r5; Gaarrd 130 Guardian; Valann 130 Captain; Elvwing 130 Rune-keeper; Sneakky 130 Burglar, r3; Chaamp 130 Champion; Siegun 130 Warden; Staarr 130 High Elf Hunter; Leeafe 120 Lore-master, r1; Shifta 100 Beorning; Heeals 93 Minstrel;

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    I came back to the game fairly recently, bummed around half a dozen places and ended up starting all new characters on Crickhollow this week. I am retired and like to think I know the game fairly well so this might be a good fit.

    Are you still active - the last post here was a while ago. This question will also serve as a bump.

    You mention two types of voice chat. Is most casual conversation in one or the other of them or the typed /kin channel?




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