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    What do you like the most about Rohan housing?

    The waterfall from the ceiling *heart*
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    I like that it's from Rohan.

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    I really like the terrain and trees and house design in Eastfold.
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    It is absolutely beautiful. Also, I love the neighborhood reputation!

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    I like the neighbourhood landscape design.
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    What do you like the most about Rohan housing?

    The new items

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    There's a lot to love about Rohan housing...the unique house design (love the barn and basement in my Kingstead house) the vast acreage and number of outdoor hooks (love my little cave), the neighborhood music, and just the general ambiance. I look forward to visiting my newest home every day.

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    I haven't had a chance to look at it yet

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    -What do you like the most about Rohan housing?

    For me it is a sign that the game is alive and living, constantly updating. That is the most I like about this new feature <3

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    What do you like the most about Rohan housing?

    Since I can't afford it yet what I like most is the new ambience decorations that everyone can get. I love snow in my home!

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    What do I love most about the new Rohan Housing area?


    I'm sure those Pay to play characters don't want us free play people driving down their property values.

    But hey, I only purchased Shadows of Angmar, about eight years ago, so Rohan didn't even exist then.

    I understand you all have a business to run, Just don't throw it in the faces of those of us who can't afford it please.

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    The size!

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    Mount hooks for display, definitely. Would love that for a price on any large house.

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    What do you like the most about Rohan housing?

    The new hitching post

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    Displaying my mounts.

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    What do you like the most about Rohan housing?

    These things are huge!

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    What do you like the most about Rohan housing?

    I wish they were cheaper

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    What do you like the most about Rohan housing?

    Agreed with previous post, too expensive

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    What do you like the most about Rohan housing?

    I like Gondor better, but the hitching post is pretty cool

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    I don't have Rohan housing (kind of have to agree with those saying it's overpriced), but I think the hitching posts are a really cool idea!
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    What do you like the most about Rohan housing?

    I'll tell when I get access to it.

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    I can't get one just yet, but I like the idea of a Mead Hall, and especially having my Mount at Home!
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    There is nothing interesting enough to add a Rohan home to my Gondorian palace.
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    I love that small-town feel

    I like that the neighborhood itself is a bit smaller. I feel like I might actually run into my neighbors every so often, and I would love for it to actually feel like a community. And of course the Eastfold scenery can't be beat!

    However, since it's been brought up, I do feel like there are a couple downsides, the major one being how difficult the neighborhoods are to get to. The mustering horns outside are minimum level 70 and the easiest brokers to get to (that I've found) are in Snowbourn. I have an awesome tower house, visiting permissions open, but it's not easy to share. I mailed all four of my current neighbors to say hi, but only got one answer. (And it wasn't the fellow with the mead hall. I mean, dude, you bought the community center. But to be fair, it hasn't been that long, so there's time yet within the standards of politeness.) So while it looks and feels more conducive to community, it would be nice if there were a little more incentive/ability to make it happen.

    One more odd little thing - inside the tower it plays both the landscape music and my house music. It's a bit dizzying. But decorating it was fun!
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