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    Landroval Kinship - The Oathbreakers

    The Oathbreakers at our core are a group of long time LoTRO veterans, many of whom have played the game more than eleven plus years with many lifers among them. We enjoy Leveling (alts or otherwise), Discord Drunk Runs, Dailies, 3 to 6 Player Group Runs, and of course Raiding.

    We’re looking for folks who enjoy playing the game, getting to know others, and have an adult mindset who are looking to find a great kin to call home. We’re also looking for folks who are willing and able to put the time in to join our ranks as a raid member. Our general feeling is that you don’t have to be an elitist or exclusive kinship to progress through content, just patience and a willingness to learn.

    So whether you’re a casual player just looking for good people or a more determined player who wants to kill every boss out there drop us a line:

    You can simply type /who oathbreaker and any member can put you in touch with myself or another officer to assist you.


    You can send an in game mail to myself @ Dethos so we can schedule a time to meet up and chat.


    You can also visit us on our discord @: https://discord.com/invite/QdPVRBx

    Either way, we look forward to hearing from you!

    The Oathbreakers
    Kin Leader

    [Disclaimers: No Drama & No Members Under 18]
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    I am an older gamer (as many are around us) and have found in recent years games were lacking that something that was once there. Whether it be a community, newness, a sense of wonder, or something I haven't quite put my finger on yet - MMO's were wanting. I have been in roleplaying games, pvp/rvr games, single-player games, etc. I often play MMO's like a single-player game until I find my niche and I am generally pretty content with that. Well, as a member of Oathbreakers, I have found more than my niche. I have found a place to just enjoy LOTRO and the people in it. The members are awesome, funny, understand we all have lives off the keyboard, ready to play, ready to explore, ready to learn, and very importantly, ready to get to know you. The officers and leaders are top-shelf. I cannot say enough about this kinship except that is exactly what it is - a kinship of players, people, professionals, and even parents all coming together to have a good time.

    If you're looking for something you thought has been missing, look no further than the Oathbreakers.

    This message brought to you by Brei and I approve this message.
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    Nov 2008
    Thank you so much for the kind words! This means a lot to us, as we're definitely looking to create a comforting environment for players. We've had some excellent new additions this last week, and you're definitely one of them.

    For all those considering joining us or any new kin, don't hesitate to let your leaders know what you're looking for in a kin and what you'd like to get out of the experience. The Oathbreakers is looking to create new friendships and make progress in the game in many facets, not just end-game raiding. And, our promise to all members is a return on investment.

    If you're interesting in joining us, scan who's online and reach out. There's a good chance an officer can speak with you on the spot.


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    The Oathbreakers want to welcome our newest members:


    Thanks for making The Oathbreakers a great place to be!

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    The Oathbreakers would like to congratulate our newest officer:


    The Oathbreakers also want to welcome our newest members:


    Thanks for making The Oathbreakers a great place to be!

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    The Oathbreakers are still looking for some good folks to join our ranks. Come out and join us for the mini expac!

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    The Oathbreakers want to welcome our newest member:


    Thanks for making The Oathbreakers a great place to be!

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    Post updated with latest discord information!

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    The Oathbreakers want to welcome our newest members:


    Thanks for making The Oathbreakers a great place to be!



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