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    Landroval Kinship - The Brethren

    The Brethren, a casual guild of many different classes and playstyles originally from Silverloade. We are a laid back group with years of game knowledge, a premium guild house, Discord and webpage. Mostly online nights and weekends. We enjoy causally hanging out and group runs. New, longtime and returning players of all levels, skill and classes are welcome. PST for more information or to join.

    Contact one of the people below or any officer in game for more information or to join:

    Grand Commander - The Brethren
    Landroval Server


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    To answer a couple common questions we have had in game.
    - Most of us are in US Time zones, most common is Central. We do have east coast and West Coast players and some from other countries as well.
    - We are most actives on nights after 7pm and weekends., This is also when we plan most of our guild runs. We do have players on most of the day and have some smaller 3 man runs or epic battle instance going on. They are also available to help with game questions etc. We are hoping to get more daytime players and see more guild activities happing during non peak hours.
    -Quite a few of our players are long time or returning players. Some play daily , some weekly , some check in every couple of months. We are fine with this . We enjoy meeting new people and playing many different parts of the game. Although we are working on a core set of regular players who can commit to our weekly guild runs this is not a requirement. If you are friendly and just looking for somewhere to hang out and chat with others and make new friends that has always been our primary reason for recruitment.
    - We do have discord with voice AND text options. It is not required to use it . If you like discord but not using voice or unable to we share info in text channels as well. If you don't like discord and prefer in game commutation that was our primary way of playing since beta until we got discord and it works fine with us too! We can be a bit slow to respond in*game during raid and 6 man runs if its a bit hectic until we get a break in the fighting but otherwise our eyes are on our kinship chat.
    - Our kin mates have houses in the shire, Belfalas and Rohan . in each village someone has been kind enough to set up their homes with all crafting stations and ingredient boxes for Kin use. If you like to craft you can visit any of these houses using the new kinship member visit feature.

    Please feel free to contact us any of our officers if you have questions or wish to join.
    Grand Commander - The Brethren
    Landroval Server




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