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    Damage in Instances

    I don't have fancy tools to confirm this but my anecdotal observations suggest to me that there are some problems with how tactical damage from mobs is scaled in instances. Here are my observations so far.

    I previously posted a thread on the difficulties my hunt is having in BBoM Chapter 8.7 (The First Promise instance). I did another instance in the grey mountains. This was the one where you need to rescue a Burning from the Ungoledain camp. The boss spawns a shadow spider pet. The first time I failed. The next time I managed to succeed by buffing myself, but just barely. For both of these instances my hunter is over-leveled (the quests are green). Lastly, while waiting for a friend to log in I decided to kill some time in the Dannenglor skirmish (T1 at level). This is a skirmish I have done in the past on level (albeit lower) with no issues. The other night, my char died 4 times before even reaching the first checkpoint (I have up at that point). I could barely defeat a single normal merrevail. If there was more than one, forget it.

    Admittedly, my tactical mitigation is not great, but I don't believe that for T1 skirmishes or instances in the course of landscape quests should be nearly impossible for characters without end-game builds. I am trying to build my virtues right now (fidelity) but that is slow.

    Conversely, my LM, which does have way better tactical mitigation has not had these problems in solo instances (plus his bear does the tanking so the character doesn't get many direct attacks anyway). However, when I tried group instances (even on T1) in the past, we found some of them really over the top.

    I would consider myself a casual player. I have no expectations of being able to complete raid level content ever and I am quite fine with that. It just seems like the DEVS need to take a look at how instances are currently tuned. When an average player (whatever average is) cannot complete instance content that is "green" that seems like a problem to me.

    Thanks for reading my mini-rant.
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    I updated the title to reflect new information.

    I decided to try a different skirmish (Thievery and Mischief) on my hunter that I had done many times before. I had trouble with the first pair of mobs I faced and they were physical damage types.

    I am actually quite puzzled now why skirmishes I used to be able to do fairly routinely are suddenly nearly undoable.

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    I remember when Mordor came out that skrimishes being run in the new level range (106-115) were out of whack compared to previous levels. I suspect the scaling wasn't applied evenly. Probably a similar thing here and they can't be bothered to go look at the skirmish code to iron it out.

    I would look into your stats though. On your other thread you said your morale was 56k. When my LM started running level 120 instances, I had 90k morale and was at about 120k by the time I geared up from running them. So your gear might be out of date, or you may need to get more survival-oriented gear rather than being a glass cannon.

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    There are several "stat jumps" in the game, when scaling changes drastically and if your gear is not up to date - you will do less and receive more damage. Such stat jumps exist between 85 and 86, 105 and 106 (this jump was huge at release of Mordor, it's smaller now, but still there), 120-121 (There are some smaller ones after 118 and after 128, can look up the plotted curves somewhere on the forums).

    With the little info you've provided, I can only assume it's a gear problem - i.e. using gear from before the "jump". The fact that quests are green has little impact if the gear you're using is outdated. Also, there's a reason you "feel" tactical hits more than physical, because you get 5x more Physical Mitigations contribution from armor. Another point is that physical attacks can be BPE-ed (block/parry/evaded) and partially BPE-ed, while tactical attacks can only be resisted - which again, if you don't have high resistance, would lead to more hits and for more damage (due to lower tactical mitigations). Lore-masters receive higher tactical mits and resistance (by having Will as main stat) and you said you tank with the bear, so can't really compare with an Agility class.

    Your best course of action would be to try and acquire appropriate leveled gear for the quests / instances you're doing, with the stats, most useful to your class (for hunter that would be Physical Mastery, Critical Rating, Finesse, Vitality). Since lvl106, the impact Legendary Items have even on questing on landscape have been increased a lot, so make sure your LIs are up-to-date as well (kill stuff faster - you receive less damage overall). You can also work on your virtues - they experience similar stat jumps - i.e. leveling a virtue from rank 55 to 65 will have a noticeable impact on your stats.

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    Thanks @Vilan and @Gothrir.

    That is useful information and I appreciate it. My gear is, I thought, generally up to date but will look into that some more. The challenge for men is this is an alt. I have not even maxed out my main and as a more casual player, certainly don't have the time/patience for the LI grind on multiples.

    Right now I would just like to be able to get through the quest content but that is seeming less likely.

    I will keep trying.



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