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    I launch a level 120 instance but it is created as a level 130

    Try it yourself:

    - pick a level 130 character
    - be ungrouped solo
    - try to launch The Depths of Kidzul-kalah as Size: 6 Tier: 2 Level: 120
    - Upon entry, Gulthava, Maiden of the Gladden has over 45 million morale

    I only chose a fellowship size because I want to see how my 130 Guardian will do against Tier 2 solo.

    I know saying I am Size: 6 just to choose Tier: 2 is going to be harder than if they offered a solo Tier 2, but 45 million morale??

    So, does that mean that Size: 6 Tier: 1: Level: 120 would have been half of that morale (still 23+ million)? Isn't that still crazy high for a band of 120s to try to do? She hits like a truck even on my 130 Guardian.

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    She is a DPS check that you must pass to get further into the instance. Keep in mind this instance was released at 120 level cap where people had Anvil set bonus gear and Tier 5 gold jewelery/cloaks.
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