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Thread: Questing Guide

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    Questing Guide

    Hi Guys!

    Today I decided to write a short questing guide on Reddit and it got a lot of attention (for the lotro-subreddit atleast). I decided to post it here since it might be helpful.
    Original link: https://www.reddit.com/r/lotro/comme...uesting_guide/

    The guide is not only for newer players, but also for players who want to level up an Alt ASAP.

    During the whole lockdown period, I decided to start a fresh character and level him up to Lvl 130. I picked a champ and it took me about 8 ingame-days. What I noticed is, that there aren't really any good guides anymore, since you need to do so much stuff to get your class trait points. That's why I decided to make a short guide for what you need to pick up or remember to level up as fast as possible, while not missing anything.

    NOTE: I play on a german server, but I try to get the names right. Also for some areas, there are more than one way of questing through the whole area, there are other options aswell.

    -Starting area: Finish the Prologue to the Epic story while doing most quests you get on the way. This should take you to about Level 15. You get a quest to start the epic story, aswell as your class quest. Both should take you to Bree, where you will continue.

    -Bree-land: Finish Book 1 of the Epic Story. Do your class quest. Start questing at Adso's Camp and do most quests in the barrow-downs. This should take you to about Lvl 20.

    -Lone-Lands: (NOTE: From here on, you could go to the North Downs aswell, but this is my favourite way of questing) Start at Candaith's Camp at Weathertop. Do all the quests there and continue with Book 2. After that, do all the quests in the Forsaken Inn. Continue questing at Ost Guruth and finish Book 2. This should take you to about Lvl 30. Once you reach Lvl 30, go and do your next class quest.

    -Evendim: (NOTE: Stop the Eriador Epic Story here. It's an awesome story, don't get me wrong. But if you want to go fast and/or efficient, it's not worth it.) Go up to Evendim and basically do everything from south to north, starting at Oatbarton and finishing at the Eavespires. This should get you to about Lvl 40.

    -Angmar: Here is where I pick up the Epic Story once again. Go to Rivendell, pick up the Quest for Book 6 from Aragorn and go to Aughaire. Do all the quests there and finish Book 6 (this book is important because it will allow you to enter the eastern and northern part of Angmar.) Finish some more quests along the way up until about Lvl. 43.

    -Forochel: This is somewhat of an optional area. I always go there so I can just do the quests I like, allowing me to skip some of the more difficult Angmar content. Start at Kauppa-Kotha and do most quests along the eastern shore of the lake. Do as many as you like until you reach Lvl 45-46.

    -Class Quest: Once you reach Level 45, you're given your next class quest. I didn't mention the class quest where you have to gather all the pages, because this quest will solve itself after a while. Start your next class quest (the one where you have to gather materials). Here you have multiple ways of solving this one: The first quest needs to be done normaly. After that, you can gather the materials yourself (impossible on level without a group), get them from the skirmish camp or gather them with a higher level Alt. Once you finished this quest line, go to Eregion.

    -Eregion: Pretty easy, do everything from North to South. Start Volume II of the Epic Story, get your LI and go into Moria. You should be around Level 50 when you enter.

    -Moria: A giant area with more than enough XP to get you through the whole expansion without worrying about quests. My normal way of questing is: The Great Delving -> Silvertine Lodes -> Durins Way -> The Water Works -> Redhorn Lodes -> The Flaming Deeps. Important Note: Don't leave without finishing the first 6 books of Volume 2 aswell as your Lvl 58 class quests. You need both for the class trait points. After all this, you should be at least Lvl 60, if not higher.

    -After Moria: This is another optional route: I try to reach friend standing with the elves of Lorien, so I can enter Caras Galadhon. If you're not caught up on XP after Lorien (I was around Lvl 64), you can continue and go through all of Southern Mirkwood. I only did the Intro so I could go back there later. It's really up to you, Southern Mirkwood is really nice, but not really necessary anymore.

    -Volume 3: Once you reach Level 65, go to Rivendell and start Volume 3. Volume 3 is really nice for questing, since it takes you trough all the different areas with plenty of quests.

    -Dunland: Once again an area with plenty of quests. Follow the epic story and do the quests in the areas you like best. After a while, the story will take you to Nan Curunir and Isengart. Follow the epic story until you are Lvl 75, where the story will take you to your next location.

    -The Great River: Just do the Epic story and only a couple of quests if you feel like you need the XP. There isn't much to do here.

    -Eastern Rohan: Your next big questing area. Once again, follow the epic story, get your new horse and quest wherever you like until you reach Lvl 85.

    -Wildermore: Same thing as with the Great River. Not much to do here, finish the epic story and continue.

    -West Rohan: This is where you need to pay attention: There are 5 quest chains which award you with a class trait point. If you miss them, it can be quite hard to go back to find them again. What worked best for me is: Finishing the complete epic story and finishing EVERY quest an NPC gives to you. Landscape quests are not needed most of the time, but try to finish all the quest chains, since they will award you with class trait points. After you finished all of these, the story will lead you to Helm's Deep and your introduction to Epic Battles. (NOTE: I'm gonna put this here: You'll need 200 points from epic battles, which can be quite the grind. I just did about one epic battle per day, doing them randomly from Level 100-130.) After all of this, you should be around Lvl 95.

    -Western and Central Gondor: Same thing as with West Rohan. You can skip Dol Amroth except for the Epic Story (Volume IV has started by now). Once you reach the Ringlo Vale, there are 4 more quest chains ahead of you, each rewarding you with a class trait point. Be careful not to miss any of them, try to look them up on the Wiki if necessary. Since everything here is content for Lvl 100, you should soon be a bit overleveled. (NOTE: Here you can get your final LI, get Lvl 100 one. Try to get one ASAP so you can work on it while you level up.)

    -Minas Tirith / Old Anorien: Follow the Epic Story through Central Gondor until you reach Osgiliath. Go to the caverns and finish the "Ashes and Stars"-Quest chain, giving you another trait point. NOTE: From here on out, things get a little weird. There is so much content but everything for the same Level. You'll be overleveled soon, but this shouldn't be a problem.What worked best for me here is: Quest in Talath Anor until you finish the deed "Quests of Talath Anor", which you'll need later. Next, get friend standing in Minas Tirith. This will unlock 2 of 3 daylies. What I did is the following: Every day of questing, go back to MT and finish both daylies. This has multiple effects: It gets you Anfalas scrolls, it counts for the Quest-Deeds, the enemies count for the slayer deeds and you'll get reputation for the third daily, which will help you with the deed Quests of Minas Tirith. If you plan on doing it like me, you only have 2 slayer deeds aswell as the roaming enemies deed left. You'll need both for 2 class trait points, but it's way easier to get them at max level, so I would keep them for later.After all of this, continue with the epic story all the way to the end of Volume IV. You should be around Lvl 107-109 after all of this.

    -The Black Book: DISCLAIMER: Ok, from here on out, I'm honestly not quite sure what the best way is. Try it out yourself. I did it with 3 characters so far and I kinda did it like this:

    -Mordor: Follow the epic story (starting to see a trend here huh). Do as many quests as you can on the way. Agarnaith worked the best for me, since there are a lot of quests in a rather small area. Quest as you like, but make sure you don't leave Mordor until you are at least Lvl. 115.

    -The Black Book continues: After Mordor, the Black Book takes you through a lot of new regions. Once again, follow the Epic story, do as many quests as you like, etc. You have a lot of options, since there are 3 whole areas the book takes you trough. Once you finish Book 10, you should be Lvl 120. This is where the last part of your journey stars.

    -Vales of Anduin: There isn't much to do here, except the Interlude in the Black Book. Finishing that will allow you to enter Mordor besieged. You should be around Level 120-121 when you enter.

    -Mordor Besieged: First important area for endgame content: Finish the epic story and finish the Deed for quests in Mordor Besieged (this is really important, don't miss out on this!!) After all of this, you should be around Lvl 123. Next stop: Imlad Morgul!

    -Imlad Morgul: Start in Rath Duath (Echad Uial). Make sure you do the Epic story and do all the quest. They will unlock 2 instances for later, aswell as finishing another quest deed (important!).After that, go to Cirith Ungol and finish the quest deed there aswell. There are easy quest chains to follow, so it should be quite easy. Next up is Minas Morgul itself. Make sure you are around Level 125 before you enter.

    -Minas Morgul: So, there are 5 rings in Minas Morgul. In each ring, you'll get a quest chain. Finishing this chain will allow you to enter the next ring, aswell as finishing another important deed for later. Finishing Minas Morgul will take you to around Level 128-129 - almost done! (NOTE: There are 2 more instances you need to discover, make sure to explore every corner of the city!)

    -Thuringwath: Short and easy area, finish all the quests in the one wight camp and you're done! By this point, you should be done with the Deed "Quests in Imlad Morgul and Mordor Besieged" which is extremely important, but i'll get to that later.

    -Finishing the Black Book: Pretty self-explanatory, just finish the black book, giving you another 2 class trait points. If this didn't take you to 130, the next part will.

    -The legacy of Durin and the Trial of the Dwarves: After the black Book, the next epic story starts. Go to Skarhald and follow the Epic story. This will be done quite fast and it'll give you some awesome rewards for the endgame-content, aswell as another class trait point.

    -Finishing up: Go and do the Wedding Quest Chain in the new Minas Tirith. This will give you one last trait point. Assuming you did enough epic battles, finished the slayer deeds around Minas Tirith and all of your class deeds, this should put you at 96 class trait points, the current maximum. By this point, your pretty much done with everything and ready for the endgame-content. I'll just give a quick rundown what you need to do the get yourself started.

    -Endgame: Finishing the Deed "Quests in Imlad Morgul and Mordor Besieged" will unlock three Weekly quests, rewarding you with Motes of Enchantment, the most important currency in the late game. Do a Nazgul-Run once per week (you'll need to kill all of them once before unlocking the weekly though), finish 4 instances and do 10 quests inside those instances (available in Echad Uial).Grinding in the new area Wells of Langflood allows you to get decent geard without having to raid for it. From here on out, grind Throne of the Dread Terror once a week for your LI's, and start raiding in Remmorchant for the best possible gear.

    Phu, this took me a while. I hope it's helpful for some of you out there, if I missed anything or if you have a better option for some areas, just write it down in the comments below! Sorry once again, English is not my main language, I hope you guys can still understand it tough.

    Enjoy the beautiful world of LOTRO!

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    Thank you for this reference list, it is quite helpful. One addition though: Since you mentioned the instances to discover in Minas Morgul city, you might have added the Houses of Lamentation discovery in Thuringwath as well as the discovery of the Remmorchant raid in Torech Ungol which can be easily missed if you don't go far enough to the back in those places.
    There's some good in this world, and it is worth fighting for.



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