In Update 27.1 the new VIP bonuses went live. Described as below this guide will set out a more detailed look.

  • 48 hour Town Services item
  • Subscriber’s Jug that grants accelerated Crafting times and item wear prevention buffs for 48 hours.

The items are a quest reward you can get at the Bree Boar fountain. You will receive 2 items. One is clickable item called “Subscribers town service” and the other is the “subscribers jug” which gives a 48 hour duration buff.
Quest Giver at the Bree Fountain
Subscribers Jug crafting and item wear boost

The main bonus is the accelerated crafting. All crafting recipes will now be executed in about half second (8/10). The item wear prevents your armour taking a 10% hit on death (8/10) or from general use (6/10).
The extra boost to crafting is no loss of durability on your crafting tools (9/10). Infinite crafting in a blitz if you got the mats. So be careful with craft- all with ingredient packs. Or use the 10 min craft xp scrolls to its full use.
Items, Shop and vault even in a dragon’s lair
Subscriber town service

For the next 48 hours you can click the item and a menu will pop-up with all available options. The normal restrictions apply such as having the LI’s unlocked for Relic Masters etc.

  • Normal shop with Sell, buyback and repair (8/10)
  • Personal vault (7/10)
  • Shared storage (10/10)
  • Wardrobe (6/10)
  • Auction house (7/10)
  • Legendary item forge (8/10)
  • Imbue legendary item (2/10)
  • Relic combination (3/10)

A welcome addition to the mailbox

With a good mix of parts that would get you to become a VIP. A few “guess it doesn’t hurt me” and the the 2 new vip bonuses i’d most use are the Storage options, crafting boosts. Depending on your preferred activities the auction house (with portable mailbox) and Wardrobe for the power user.
The Shop, item wear on defeat and Reforge are great for newer and leveling players with limited bagspace or swift travels.
Not sure what would be missing besides housing storage.
48 hour limit is limiting its use

The fact that i’ve to go to a housing area or Bree on every alt i’d use it for is hurting it’s usefulness for quick alts. If i relog to another char to make some quick ingots i forgot or switch to a healer for the raid. And then first have to go to a housing area. Get the buff and leave the housing area to join the raid again. It defeats it’s quick and easy purpose at this time.
Addendum – Power use for sharing carry-all, consumables and armour

With everywhere access to your vault or shared storage you can now get away with 1 set items of which you previously used multiples on each character. Below some examples

  • 1 large carry all previously mailed around
  • Bound to account gear sets (1 dps agility set for your burg, hunter and tanking warden)
  • Not often used bound to character gear (light of erendil, a heal set)
  • 1 stack of Hope, scrolls and beorning rolls for all characters
  • 1 stack of Ingots, fragments and shards for all characters

Save materials and bagspace by not having a small stack on several characters.