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    Thank you for the Wedding

    Nicely done, great music!

    If there is one thing I always disagreed with Peter Jackson on... it's the idea that Lothlorien might be a "tone problem" in the LOTR movies. Moments of rest were never a tone issue in the books. And seeing MT healed literally felt like having the horror of the war ebbing away to me. I kept looking out on Pellenor fields and having a sense of relief that they were green and not full of bodies and fire.

    Someone worked hard to put the angle of the sun seemingly always just over my shoulder and that was a superb touch, or maybe it was just the perfect time of day.

    I kept moving my camera around to see the garlands of flowers, the different outfits people are wearing, the different armors, the waggons, the carvings. Visual feast.

    One of these days I"ll get around to questing in it. So far, I"m just exploring.

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    Thank you!
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    I also wanted to say thank you for both the wedding and the festival!!! A lot of thought and work obviously went into both. I've been a Tolkien fan my whole life (read the Hobbit and the Trilogy in the second grade) and have been playing Lotro since it was released. I really liked Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings movies, but wasn't as big of a fan of the Hobbit movies because I always felt the Hobbit was intended by Tolkien to have a lighter feel....something kids could relate to....while it had scary parts there were also a lot of light-hearted happy ones. So, I applaud the developers for the beautifully rendered rebuilt Minas Tirith, in full-on celebration mode! The new music is amazing, and I've really enjoyed the festival!! Something else I particularly love is the design of the taverns in MT!!! I wish the Merry Swan existed in real life! I know that people often post complaints faster than compliments, but I (and many of my friends) are delighted. Thanks again, and keep up the great work!

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    I just now finished the wedding, and boy, even though I'm a guy I actually teared up a bit. I cannot praise the job that you guys and gals did highly enough. So very well done.

    At the banquet I kept walking around looking at the serving tables lol. The detail was nothing short of amazing.
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    I must agree that the wedding was spectacular. This is the reason I've been playing since open beta. The colors in Minas Tirth from eth flower to the drapery to teh banners, to the shining floor of the royal Tower were amazing. But what I liked most of all was that we once again saw all the characters we encountered from the Shadows of Angmar to the Black Book of Mordor. All those names at the banquet brought back memories of past adventures. So cheers to a well done and well thought out wedding.
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    The wedding was as beautiful as I had not expected. I cried every time a bit with tears of joy and happiness when I did it for my three characters, thank you very much for such a wonderful event.
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    I'm a guy. And I'm not afraid to admit that I cried like a baby as well.

    ( mostly from the lag )

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    Re: Thank you for the Wedding

    I agree! It's beautiful, I love seeing all the "people" I mean, NPCs. And yes, the music is beautiful, the scenery is beautiful, I just love it!
    I also love all the new stuff up in Floodfells, the music in Lyndelby is so pretty! I could go on and on.
    This is why I will die in Middle Earth, I'm never leaving!
    Thank you all again, so much!

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    Thank you very much for festival and now for the playing layers. This is indeed very beautiful festival. <3



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