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    What would make a good gift for Aragorn and Arwen for their wedding?

    Mithril coins
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    What would make a good gift for Aragorn and Arwen for their wedding?

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    Exclamation What would make a good gift for Aragorn and Arwen for their wedding?

    For people that have everything, a list of what i need. No, kidding! But after they make me wash their soiled dishes & reused wedding gown, i think they could call that the gift.

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    What would make a good gift for Aragorn and Arwen for their wedding?

    A heavy orkish helmet, which they can kick (and broke a few fingers) if they ever get angry about loosing hobbitses.

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    what kind of gift?

    ..An oddly beautiful impressionist painting of the wedding, along with one of my ears.

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    ... candlesticks always make a nice gift, and maybe you could find out where she's registered and maybe a place-setting or maybe a silverware pattern.
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    What would make a good gift for Aragorn and Arwen for their wedding?

    Model of reclaimed Minas Ithil

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    Maybe a model of the gardens of Rivendell because that's where they met

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    A toaster. Just need to build a hydro-electric plant at the nearby waterfall.

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    I think the king and queen should get us something!

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    Wait! I'm invited? There must be something in my gift closet! Ah, there it is! The Elven Starry Chandelier, I made so long ago.

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    A food taster ... a really dapper one in a finespun waistcoat and velvet breeches. The waistcoat should have gold buttons, and a pocket for my pipe.

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    Two tickets for a honeymoon in Rhûn.

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    +6 Hope tokens, I don't see this marriage lasting, Aragorn never stays in one place for to long.

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    What would make a good gift for Aragorn and Arwen for their wedding?

    Why, 500 LP! Eh, on second thought, they're probably both Lifers and are swimming in LP.

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    Frodo's ringfinger in a box....

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    A subscription to ancestry.com, so they can finally put together a definitive family tree.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Blackgoat769 View Post
    Frodo's ringfinger in a box....

    I don't think Arwen swings that way...


    Gift: The key to the chastity belt.

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    Something that represents both the Dunedain and the (Noldorin) Elves. A crafted jewel perhaps, with intials of Arwen and Aragorn.

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    Retake Annuminas

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    My loyalty


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