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    The Desolation of Eriador Region Release (Fanmade)

    Hi all! This is something I have been working on for quite a while, partly inspired by similar fanmade region releases by Travisimo. I have always been into creative writing and worldbuilding, and thought this might be a fun exercise to create a map/story for a region that is not in LOTRO yet, but has a ton of potential as a future release.

    The Desolation of Eriador Region Overview:

    Venture into the long abandoned regions of Eriador including the ruined city of Tharbad, the swampy reaches of the Swanfleet, the forgotten town of Thistleglynn, and much more in this massive new zone!

    North Enedwaith: The Dunlendings have been scattered with the fall of Isengard, and many are still wary of the Rohirrim. Aragorn has sent a group of Rohirrim and Rangers, the Lone Company, to establish peace in the region and colonize Tharbad. It is up to you to ally with the Dunlendings in the nearby village of Treng Darv and work towards peace against the dangerous wilderness of Enedwaith.

    Tharbad/Swanfleet: The city of Tharbad was once a thriving trading city in the kingdom of Numenor, and remained inhabited for many thousands of years until being devastated by plagues and floods. Now, nothing exists within this once mighty city besides brigands and ghosts. Retake Tharbad, learn the history of the city and Cardolan, and venture in the surrounding wilderness of the Swanfleet, where rumors of a long abandoned hobbit village have attracted the attention of Sharkey’s men.

    The Angle: This area, named due to its position at the junction of two rivers, is the home of a hidden refuge of Rangers that eke out a living south of the Trollshaws, keeping the surrounding regions safe from danger. Recently, however, fears of a passing wizard and traveling “burrahobbits” have scared the trolls of the Trollshaws south into the Angle, inhabiting an abandoned hobbit settlement in the woods. Protect the ranger encampment from these foes and others and learn more of the journey of the Stoors!

    South Downs: The South Downs, once a core part of the fallen kingdom of Cardolan, are now dotted with ruins of times past, ruins that are now being robbed and infiltrated by the resurgent Blackwolds. The Blackwolds have arisen in your absence, and see the power vacuum generated in the south by the fall of Isengard as an opportunity to gain territory and plunder. Jon Brackenbrook, having grown tired of life in Archet, has pursued them to the South Downs with the help of the Eglain. It is more than just brigands in these downs however, as their actions in the ruins might have awaken deeper evils…

    Minhiriath: The wide lands of Minhiriath are home to a few secretive folk that have survived the long years in this harsh wilderness. The town of Thistleglynn, composed of a mix of Bree-landers and Dunlendings, seeks to join the Reunited Kingdom. This, however, will prove difficult due to Sharkey seeking to cling onto whatever territory he can grab. Push back the influence of Sauruman and gain the trust of the people of Thistleglynn! Meanwhile, southwards, towards Eryn Vorn, heavy logging by Sharkey’s lackeys threatens to decimate the small tracts of forest left in Minhiriath. Aid the secretive Woses in pushing back this destruction as you move closer to the source of these troubles in the Southfarthing.

    More details to come (if LOTRO forums let me link my map in replies)

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    The Map:

    (sorry about the format being inconvenient, I have only recently joined the LOTRO forums (although I have been on the game for a while) and cannot yet post images directly into my posts or replies

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    Here is the map legend (sorry for things being out of order, I had to continually edit in new locations as I saw fit and was too lazy to reorganize everything )

    1. Echad Tád Duin: a medium-sized (around half the size of Esteldin) ranger encampment in the Angle, formed out of old stone ruins.

    2. Breckford: an abandoned Stoor village now inhabited by trolls

    3. The Swanfleet: Otherwise known as the Nîn-in-Eilph, this is a large swampy area that is located upriver from Tharbad, where the Glanduin meets the Hoarwell.

    4. Camp of the Lone Company: The Lone Company is an expedition ordered by King Elessar to scout out the desolate areas of Eriador, and this is their main encampment.

    5. The Shadowed Quarry: An old quarry once used by Dunlendings to obtain precious metals, it has since been abandoned and now is inhabited with wargs and shadow-wolves.

    6. Thistlegylnn: a town nestled in the silent hills of Minhiriath, Thistlegylnn has remained relatively isolated throughout the long years since the fall of Cardolan, and has become host to a mix of Bree-landers and Dunlendings, who hunt and forage for what they can in this desolate land. About half the size of Dale, this town is the main hub for quests in the region.

    7. Ost Dúrboth: In times past this was the castle of a Cardolan king, now it only houses wights and shades, who have recently been disturbed by the intrusions of the Blackwolds. This is a location for several group instances.

    8. South Eglain camp: One quest hub in the South Downs, this is a small camp where a southern branch of the Eglain (from the Lone-lands) along with a certain Jon Brackenbrook are camped.

    9. Brigand’s Cave: This is where the Blackwolds store all of their ill gotten gains, as well as their packs of vicious wolves.

    10. The Last Wood: situated just south of Andrath and the entrance to Bree-Land, this forest was named so by the Bree-landers as it is the last stretch of forest one encounters before entering the desolation of Minhiriath. A pleasant stretch of oak trees surrounds a ruined tower where Amlan, ranger of Bree-land, has traveled to stave out the wights and brigands of the South Downs and ensure a final peace to Bree.

    11. The Squealing Halfling: Established by half-orcs, Dunlendings, and brigands serving the White Hand, this tavern exists as a dark mockery of the many much more cheerful inns scattered across the villages of the Shire. It sits along the so-called Isenroute, the once active pipe weed trading route that leads into the Southfarthing. It served (and still serves) as a meeting place for many evil servants of Sharkey, who gamble, drink, and smoke in the dark haze of its many rooms and passages.

    12. The Lumber Mill: A large mill that belches smoke and fire and is run by Sharkey’s men.

    13. Rákal Tuk: A small Wose village nestled in the hills, away from prying eyes. This is a main quest hub in Minhiriath.

    14. Tharbad: The ruined city of Tharbad is the major focus of this expansion, and quests will focus on rebuilding the city, driving out any threats, and learning the history of Cardolan through the restless
    shade of Falandur, son of Eärendur, and the first king of Cardolan. Has several group instances and a raid.

    15. Abandoned hobbit village: another forgotten village of the Stoors, this one being investigated by Sharkey’s men similar to the hobbit hole in the Gladden fields.

    16. Treng Darv: a small Dunlending village ruled by the Raven Clan.

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    Reputation Factions:

    -The Lone Company: gained by completing quests in North Enedwaith and Tharbad/Swanfleet.

    -Rangers of the Angle: gained by completing quests in the Angle.

    -South Eglain: gained by completing quests in the South Downs.

    -People of Thistleglynn: gained by completing quests in and around the town of Thistleglynn.

    -Woses of Eryn Vorn: gained by completing quests in Rákal Tuk.

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    Extra Stuff:

    -Deed: The Path of Boromir: a deed that has the player follow Boromir’s path towards Rivendell. Each location discovered gives a vision of Boromir along with some dialogue.

    -Tharbad works similar to Hytbold, in that completing quests causes visible changes in the state of the ruin. Eventually, a stable master is unlocked to the area.

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    I'm aware that I'm not the best at illustrating, especially those ruins :P, but I would appreciate any feedback on this project! Let me know if you would be interested in me doing this for more regions as it was very fun to try and create a story for somewhere such as Minhiriath where there is very little lore to work with.

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    This is awesome.

    I love the suggestions you've included here (the Squealing Halfling in particular) and I have wanted to see this area in game for a long time.

    I really like that you've included the Rangers here too - Amlan makes sense to include, as do Saeradan and Amarion (if they managed to make it safely back in this direction), alongside possibly Torthann and Leglinn from Book 1? Maybe these last two were busy trying to hold Tharbad (not too far from Bree-land where we meet them initially) and this was the reason they didn't join the Grey Company.

    I also like the idea of rebuilding Tharbad - I've liked it ever since it was used for Hytbold!
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    I don't think this thread got the attention it deserved. Some good stuff here Itshuntah!

    Given what we know / conject about SSGs current state of affairs (see WoTP threads) I think incorporating all of your ideas are probably going to be considered 'over ambitious' (5 rep factions?) for an update/expansion going forward.
    However, narratively, we have had the Great Wedding, so the next step in the real Epic story, would be the 'Many Partings' and 'Homeward Bound' chapters pf ROTK, which would require the players to experience the return of the Hobbits, Gandalf etc. back north, and so traverse the lands of South Cardolan/North Minhiriath/Greenway (or whatever we are calling this zone!)
    I agree that the long abandoned, flooded city of Tharbad should be a major hub and probable site of instances or a raid, and given Tolkien, I believe, said that during it's pomp was under the dual control of the North and South Kingdoms, I would think some assets from Osgiliath and Annuminas could be reasonably and economically recycled in its creation.

    The other interesting mechanic that could be employed in this region is the new(-ish) scalable quest wrappers that are debuting in WoTP, Missions.
    Given that this region could be accessed from the Shire (Sarn Ford) and Bree (South Guard Ruins) where players could be at level 20, Enedwaith (level 60?), as well as higher level players following the epic storyline, scalable content would seem very appropriate for this zone.

    Not sure if MoL reads these threads, but if so, would you be able to tell us if this element of the story (and perhaps this area) is on the roadmap for 2021?
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    This is excellent stuff, I really like the ideas you have brought in, the Squealing Halfling sounds like somewhere really good to infiltrate or indeed perhaps for a session play or two. Stretch out the area West a little and you have the possibility of the remains of the great port of Lond Daer, the Midlde Haven of the Numenoreans with its links to the ancient history of the Second Age. Who knows what remains may linger there at the edge of the Sea. The Rangers, and indeed The King himself will be very interested in any artefacts or lore recovered from there. After the fall of Eregion a great Numenorean fleet landed an army there that destroyed Sauron's first attempt to conquer Eriador. But beware, to the local population the place is accursed for the terrible destruction wrought by the Numenoreans who harvested the great forests of Minhiriath with little thought of husbandry or replanting. You will need to gain their trust, and throug them tolerance from the shepherds or the few remaining trees.

    Tharbad being rebuilt would make for some interesting possibilities. Probably the most distiguishing feature was the great Bridge which has collapsed. Rebuilding that, together with the causeways at each end, makes an enormous difference to travel and maybe unlocks some linked stuff, the quickest route between Gondor and Arnor was at times held to be by boat from Pelagir to Tharbad and thereafter overland up the road to Fornost.
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