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    LI swap cooldown

    There's rumors going around of SSG maybe implementing or testing LI swap cooldown, could anyone shed some light on this?

    Please leave me in my eternal slumber

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    Since there is nothing to be found on this on the dev tracker or on the Bullroarer forum, I am wondering what your source is. Sounds exactly like that, rumours.

    If a LI swap CD is introduced I would actually consider that a good decision gamedesign-wise. It would need some rebalancing of skills for classes that depend on LI swaps to stay competitive, especially in PvMP.

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    "SSG... testing..."?

    It must really be an unfounded rumor!

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    Before implementing something like that they should unify non-imbued / imbued legacies. It's idiotic that there are still desired legacies that only exist on non-imbued items.

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    This would be a terrible idea considering the nerf it would cause to classes like the champ who have to actively swap to stay competitive. That being said it wouldn't surprise me. At this rate every raid will be made up of 6 hunters plus everyone else.



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