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    One month VIP guide

    *Last Updated 06/10/2020* I had this posted in the lotro reddit and decided to bring here too.

    Okay so we have decided to do the 1 month VIP to permanently unlock somethings as suggested by some people here!

    That said is there a Guide for this so we do not forget to do anything in particular to maximize our saving etc?

    This started out as me asking for a guide but since there wasn't really any that has been updated it turned into an impromptu guide itself.


    Some features are maintained on a per-character basis when downgrading from VIP to Premium.

    However, these features, listed below, are only maintained only for characters who have entered Middle-earth (logged in) while the VIP status was active; characters created after downgrading from VIP to Premium and characters that were created before or during VIP but were not logged into the game during VIP do not have access to these features.

    These per-character unlocks also function for content the character hasn't reached yet due to level or other restrictions.

    You keep these:

    ~ 500 LP points because you get this once a month WHILE subbed
    ~ all trait slots unlocked for all your characters on all servers
    ~ swift travel from all travel NPC’s
    ~ riding skill quest for all your characters at/past level 20
    ~ all 5 inventory bags unlocked
    ~ currency cap of 2g(free player)/5g(premium player) lifted
    ~ crafting guild you keep access to what ever you have advanced to
    ~ VIP icon over your character's head
    ~ if you put items in the shared wardrobe you can still use and dye them but not replace them

    You will lose these below once the sub runs out:

    ~ two character slots (VIP gets you 7 and you will go down to 5 due to now being premium and have to disable two characters)
    ~ access to all quest packs and skirmishes
    ~ access to the legendary server
    ~ shared wardrobe(20 slots)
    ~ rested 100% xp
    ~ unlimited monster play
    ~ ability to spend destiny points (not sure how this work do you keep what you bought?)
    ~ 30 auction listings
    ~ mailbox everywhere
    ~ access to crafting guild advancement

    Now what to do during the month of VIP:

    Now because of the LOTROFREEQUESTS coupon I do not think it's worth the time to ride all around to unlock slayer deeds as we have most content unlocked and it should be easy enough to unlock more due to the 99 point sale.

    Also there's no need to go and try to unlock all swift travel spots as the wiki claims, "Characters of Premium players who downgraded from VIP keep access to all swift travel routes, even travel routes that character did not unlock while VIP".

    Use up 7 character slots with one each of the free classes and log in once and possibly unlock the horse quest at level 20. You can do this on each server if you feel you may switch want more options.

    Now if you would like to do this for each server but do not wish to level all these characters up to level 20 to do the horse quest people in the USA at least can still buy the Samwise Gamgee's Starter Pack for 10$usd which will give all character old and future one a permanent horse and the riding skill from level one, I do believe you will get this as mail. It's no longer on the LOTRO Market but is available on amazon.com. I looked into getting it but alas I am in not in the US so it wasn't working for me. I dunno if it's a regional thing or they were simply out. You can read more here:




    Best Race for each Class

    Note that this is from a min/max point of view and as some people have mentioned only makes a difference on high player skill level (if you click instead of keybind you can already forget the entire topic), in a lagfree environment (lol), with low ping. As such it not going to change much for most of the playerbase and casual players. Keep in mind there's nothing wrong with playing what and how you will enjoy the game but knowledge is never wrong so I am putting this here for those that do like to run with the "ideal" mixes even if they know it will not change much.

    Q: But I want to play a Dwarf!

    A: So play a Dwarf.

    Q: But I want to play a Hobbit!

    A: So play a Hobbit.

    Burg: Man, and female is marginally better than male. It is an animations thing. Only matters at the highest skill level.

    Captain: Man for tanking, high elf for red line. Really minor either way.

    Champ: High elf > man > elf > hobbit/dwarf/stout axe. Female > male.

    Guardian: I prefer dwarf for endurance of stone. Some prefer man for incoming healing. Both are clearly better than other options.

    Hunter: Elf, by far the most significant racial bonus.

    LM: Doesn't matter, I prefer man for duty bound.

    Minstrel: Doesn't matter, I prefer man for duty bound.

    Runekeeper: Doesn't matter, but Stout axe > dwarf > elf by the smallest margin.

    Warden: High elf > man > elf. Hobbits don't deserve to be on the list. Second most important racial bonus in the game to go high elf.

    Protip: Some people may wish to replace "doesn't matter" with High-Elf for the run-speed bonus alone ... especially for the mini, with the additional 5% light-type damage.

    If shouts are annoying you you can mute shouts.

    Keep in mind I have tried to get information to the best of my ability, the game is old and lots of guide information hasn't been updated, and this is subject to change.




    For me I think my to do list would be:

    use up 7 character slots with one of the free classes as three classes are locked out for me. (Beorning, Rune-keeper and Warden) which would need another 3 character slots.

    level each character to level 20 and complete the horse quest to unlock the skill for free (save 95pts per character).

    maybe use some destiny point?

    maybe look into getting some crafting guild advancement though I think this maybe be for later on in the game?

    Also I am not sure of using up all 7 character slots as I would possibly like to have one free slot to be able to point farm via doing the starter area, delete character/repeat and I don't know what happens if you buy another char slot but already have two characters locked out?

    Do they unlock one blocked character automatically or can you keep that character slot "free"?

    Is there anything else I should be thinking of doing?



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