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    Advice on building a few swap bows

    Coming back to Lotro after quite a while away (last played right about the time Mordor came out).

    I'm like to start min-maxing a bit and one of the things I'd really like to start working on is my LIs.

    I've always just used one bow, and I would like to start swapping and getting better (for endgame content, would like to start raiding again eventually after I find a new kin that isn't dead).

    I've seen some people say they use 2 bows and some say 3. I'd love to get some advice on how many bows I should be using, and the setup of each one (I'd REALLY love the reasoning behind the legacies on each one as well to help me learn more about the why behind it).

    I've got 1 maxed out bow already, so I can either change the legacies on it; or use it for a 3rd swap (I'm assuming this is usually just a dedicated BH bow) and create 2 more first agers.

    My current bow:

    And, just for the heck of it, if something needs to change on my melee as well my ears are open:

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    This is exactly what I was wondering as well! I currently have a swap bow, but it only has Burn Hot and Heart Seeker. Would I just turn that into a general "induction and bleeds" bow and have the other one as a "focus bow"? What's the best tactic here? I don't want to waste a bunch of resources just to test out my theories.

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    Noob valar hunter wearing my warden's gear with like 48hrs played here. Just some t2 sides, t3b1 and sides, t5 am before the fix--chest farming alt essentially.

    To piggyback, I'm also having trouble and wonder if it could be my swap set up. I dont get swap lag. I broke from the traditional "burn hot + HS + bleeds" swap bow setup to fit in QS extra focus and have:

    A: 2 induction legs, BH, swift bow, 3 QS legs. I use just for SB, QS, BH
    B: 2 focus legs, 2 induction legs, HS, US, Dots. I use for all else

    I'm used to weapon swapping on other characters, but I fumble on my hunter a lot trying to swap while inducting. I wonder if I bit off more than I can chew swapping specifically for QS, the most used skill. It's either that or rotational: not keeping big hitters as religiously off cooldown, not using burn hot at the right times, etc.
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