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    What is your favorite quest in the game?

    Hmm, it would have to be Sticks and Stones in the Ettenmoors!

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    Escaping Mizzery, one tart at a time.
    Come on, 01!

    Okay, erm, 02 then!

    Fave quest...

    Several I enjoy, but the one that made me smile was the one where ya fish the monster up out of the water. Been too long to remember the name.

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    What is your favorite quest in the game?

    Signs and Portents: Galadriel's Dream in the Intro...

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    Quest chain about visions in Denetor palantire. When i first time saw that, i was shocked.

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    What is your favorite quest in the game?

    Everything that the task bulletin board provides. :P

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    What is your favorite quest in the game?

    All elven related quests of course
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    What is your favorite quest in the game?

    When Viznak is proclaimed King
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    What is your favorite quest in the game?

    Vol II Prologue: The Fellowship Departs

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    My favorite quest would have to be the daily box quest in the library, every 6 weeks. =)

    Low hanging fruit, easy to solo. =)
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    The cool twist one where you're making turtle soup.

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    Getting the warhorse trophy lance with five orc heads
    from warbands in the Wilderlands.
    No luck so far.

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    After defeating undead dragons and facing the most dangerous things that Eriador had to offer... Cleaning goat droppings in Moria.

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    Kill 10 rats, Isengard depths.
    All the quests as a prisoner were really good!
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    my favorite quest, any that does not make me travel to the end of the map to do a quest, and then ride back to the other end of the map to turn in. Another one I dislike, are the one quest buried under additional quests, never seem to end.

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    My favorite quest is the epic quest. It is quite interesting to follow along.

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    My favorite quest is the quest on the german client, where you get sent fom felegoth to kill bulls in Formost (but instead you have to kill taurogrim in northern mirkwoord).
    The neverending quest for a good translation...

    btw... the shop offers in the german beacon are french this time.

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    Cone of Cold.

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    Gathering goat droppings in the Redhorn Lodes of Moria (unironically)

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    The next one.

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    My favorite I think is Volume I of the Epic.
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    My all time favorite quests are those that the quest-giver tells you to speak someone next to him and the someone next to him tells you to speak to the quest-giver and "Wham!". Instant xp.

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    As with everything, The Quest for Truth.


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