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    Crit Rat / Physical Mastery for T2+ raid

    Hi any ideas on what CR and PM should a red hunter aim for? Playing T2+ raid content...

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    Assuming you are referring to level 130;
    crit caps at 650k so around 600-610k as you'll get about 40k from red cappy buffs.
    mastery caps at 850k so around 800k as you'll get the remainder from scrolls/cappy buffs and other general support. its best to undershoot mastery as having anything over 850k is a waste.
    If you're typically the Blade Brother for your raid group you'd get an extra 22k-ish from that buff as well.

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    Crit chance caps at 630000 and you'll get a little over 50000 from cappy and food combined, so aim for 580000ish. Crit mag and dev chance cap at 1260000, but that isnt worth chasing.

    795k PM, roughly. Like other poster said, you dont want to overcap this one, whereas crit gives minimal benefits at least if you overcap for crit chance. You can build more in case you die (no scrolls or food) but I call that building for failure.

    1224 to each main stat from idome. 22045 mastery and almost 45000 crit from red cappy sure strike. 3432 agi from food. 18371 mastery from scroll. 33067 mastery from blade bro.
    Argendauss, Captain
    Rechart, Warden
    Hrodgart, Beorning
    Ulxart, Loremaster

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    And when it comes to finesse? how much should we aim for? is it better to aim for finesse rather than fate jewels? fate givin you finesse among many other "important" things like crit or tact mit?

    and since we are there, how much tact mit should one have?

    based on t2 of course



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