Hi there! I was hoping someone could help me out.

I've just re-downloaded LOTRO after being inactive for several years (last time I was on was about the time the switch from Turbine to SSG happened, so 2016 or 2017), and my account is still there. Whew, that was a relief. However, when I go to any of the servers I was on, none of my characters are there. My characters weren't on servers that were merged, so transferring shouldn't be the issue here. Still, I clicked the transfer button, and none of my characters on any servers showed up, and at the bottom it said I had 0 LOTRO points, when I should have about 100.
My main character, Ervaiel, was a elf hunter and was around level 40-45 on either Brandywine or Laurelin (I can't remember), and I had just bought the Angmar quest pack after saving up LOTRO points for quite some time. I really don't care about getting LOTRO points back or my other characters- I just want Ervaiel and Angmar. Anyone have any idea what happened or how I can get them back? (Tickets have already been submitted to SSG Help, but no progress yet).

Thanks for any help or advice! Stay safe everyone!